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How to hire a web developer

What skills to look for when hiring a web developer

How can you identify a skilled web developer? Be on the look out for experience in the content management systems WordPress and Drupal, as these are some of the most common skills in this field.

Other key skills for web developers include:

  • HTML and CSS: These foundational front end skills are essential for web developers.
  • JavaScript, with experience in the frameworks React.js, Node.js and Angular.
  • Other common programming language skills for web developers include: PHP, C#, Java, SQL, TypeScript, Python and Ruby.
  • Other frameworks web developers are typically skilled in include ASP.NET, Express.js and Laravel.
  • UI/UX experience.

How to broaden your talent pool when hiring a web developer

PHP forms the backbone of the popular content management systems WordPress and Drupal. It can be a particularly helpful skill to focus on when broadening your net to find web developers.

Writing a web developer job description

To set up a job description for a web developer, check out our guide on creating a role scorecard here, and use our downloadable scorecard

By putting together a role scorecard, it will be easier to come up with the practical definition of the right person for the role you are trying to fill. You are then ready to set up your public-facing job advert.

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