Topic: Tech Career Insights
What Companies Can Do To Keep Their Tech Teams Happy
People in tech want more than just high pay-checks. Here, Cornelia unpacks what other factors people in this industry want to keep them happy at work.
by Cornelia van der Walt
Topic: Tech insights
How to Build Internal Tooling to Improve Your Team’s Shared Knowledge
Code changes, and it's hard to keep a team updated with your system. Here's how I built a tool that avoids the problems of a growing application.
by Stuart Corbishley
Topic: Tech Career Insights
How Beating Your Fears Can Help You Win In Your Career
It can be scary starting your first job. Here, René shares the fears he had around this as well as how he overcame them to really succeed in his career.
by René Chunilall
Topic: Tech Career Insights
5 Ways You Can ‘Future-Proof’ Your Company
The world of tech is quickly evolving. To remain resilient, Eugene Brockman from MMI strategically 'future-proofs' his company. Here's how you can too.
by Jomiro Eming
Topic: Tech Career Insights
From Sedan to Sports Car – Designing Software for Performance (Part 1)
Looking to the racing world, Craig has drawn parallels between improving race car performance and building better software. Here's part 1 of his findings.
by Craig Risi
Topic: Tech insights
6 Pro-Tips To Host a Kick-Ass Meetup
Hosting regular, well-attended meetups is hard when it's not your full-time job. Over the last 3 years, I've found these 6 pro-tips help me win every time.
by Adrian Moisey
Topic: Tech Career Insights
How to Successfully Start a Business With Your Best Friend
Starting a business with a close friend can be a risky move, but Future Fragment’s co-founders made it look easy. This is how they do it.
by Jomiro Eming
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Primed for Ignition – From Robotics to Software Development
Changing your career path is always tricky. Here are some of the most valuable lessons AG learnt when he left his job in robotics and joined a tech startup.
by AG Sonday
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Day One as a Junior Developer: What I Wish I Knew
When you are new to the workplace, it can be tough to know what is expected and when it’s okay to ask for help. Here's what I’ve learned thus far.
by Justin Gregan
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Finding the Right Fit: How a Great Work Environment Can Help You Excel
The environment you work in every day can play a big role in determining your success and happiness. Muchenja shares how her company has set her up to win.
by Summer Smith
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