Topic: Tech Career Insights
6 Tips to Improve the Things You Can Control in an Interview
No matter how many interviews you’ve been to, they're always stressful. I've learned how to focus on the things you do control, to make them less stressful.
by Ewald Horn
Topic: Tech Career Insights
4 Tips For Communicating Technical Ideas to a Non-tech Audience
Communicating technical stuff to a non-tech audience can be hard. This is what I've learned about doing it well when giving a talk or writing a blog post.
by Jason Webster
Topic: Tech Career Insights
How To Win at Working in a Distributed Team
Working in a distributed team can make communication and collaboration really hard. In this article, I share what I've learned about winning 'remotely'.
by Sander Voorwinden
Topic: Tech Career Insights
8 Lessons I Learned as an Intern
If you utilise your internship well, you can sail into your first job. Here's what I learned about interning to prepare myself for success at my first job.
by Elizabeth Oyekunle
Topic: Tech Career Insights
How I Learnt To Fail Gracefully
Failing at something is hard but Adelize has found that with a few clever tricks, you can always pick yourself up. Here's how she overcomes making mistakes.
by Adelize van Eeden
Topic: Tech Career Insights
What Your Future Employer Is Looking For in a Technical Interview
Coming to a technical interview unprepared never ends well, but there are focus areas you can brush-up on to nail it first time. Here are some of them.
by Stuart Corrans
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Daily Habits You Can Start Now to Nurture a Culture of Diversity
If you aren't conscious of diversity, the things you do every day might make someone feel unwelcome. Baratang Miya shares small changes you can make now.
by Jomiro Eming
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Top Tips You Missed at Cape Town’s First ‘Office Manager Meetup’
Office Managers are important, but our job doesn't really have a ‘how to.' This makes it hard; so, I met up with other OMs and put together some top tips!
by Zsa Perry
Topic: Tech Career Insights
A Great Investor Relationship: The Key to Startup Success
Meeting an investor who shares your vision is key for lasting success. Here's how Alexandria learnt this while fundraising for her startup,
by Summer Smith
Topic: Tech Career Insights
What Companies Can Do To Keep Their Tech Teams Happy
People in tech want more than just high pay-checks. Here, Cornelia unpacks what other factors people in this industry want to keep them happy at work.
by Cornelia van der Walt
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