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We love where we work and think you will too. Come say hi!

Our mission 🚀

We’re helping makers - the people who design and build software products - to unlock their individual potential. We started with recruitment because helping someone find a job they love is one of the fastest ways of changing their life. Since then we’ve started expanding to things like training, root and building tools for the community.

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The team at OfferZen

We are busy building a super competent team of curious and driven people who care that the work they do matters. We’re constantly helping each other to grow to become the best at what we do, which is why our default is honest and constructive feedback.

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Make things that drive us

We strive to be constantly learning, improving and making things with purpose.


We push the envelope

Together, we work hard, refuse to settle for just okay and we’re not afraid of taking risks.


It’s great to be different

We invest in people that make our team better, weirder, and more human.

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How we work

At OfferZen we try to be as transparent as we can with all aspects of the business which helps everyone on the team make better decisions. One of the ways we do this is with a weekly team update, each team lead presents on their weekly progress and their plan for the upcoming week. We also regularly provide detailed finance updates and give everyone access to real-time analytics on our marketplace.

We’re big on personal growth and believe strongly in an open mindset ethos. You’ll find that we really value honest feedback on all aspects of our work. We don’t do standard performance reviews - and instead have regular 1:1’s.

We love fresh ideas and we’re not scared to run experiments. We approach all aspects of our product and service in an iterative manner. If it ain’t broken can we still improve it?

We believe building a world-class team will be a long-term competitive advantage, so we take hiring pretty seriously. (Plus, it’s just more fun working with awesome people).

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Our openings

Want to be a part of OfferZen? These are the teams that currently have openings:

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Product team

Product team

We’re a group of designers and developers dedicated to the building and designing of the product. We work together to make sure we craft a pixel perfect product with great tech and user experience.

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Talent team

Talent team

We are responsible for helping people on OfferZen land their dream job. As experts in the tech job market we guide candidates in all aspects of their job search, from setting up their profile to preparing for interviews.

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Marketing team

Marketing team

The marketing team is focussed on rapidly devising more promising ways to fuel growth at OfferZen. Technical aptitude and curiosity, would best describe our small team of creatives and performance marketers.

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Source team

Content team

Source’s quest is to help more South African software makers share their learnings and insights with each other. Our team runs an editorial process that helps them to unpack and explicate their ideas in a way that is accessible and useful to other software makers. If you are keen to create and help others create insanely valuable tech content, please get in touch!

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Want to see everyone who you’d be working with?

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