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Find your perfect match

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Powerful search

Powered by Elasticsearch – you can search candidates by skill, location, salary, experience and more.

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In-depth candidate profiles

All profiles are curated by our team to include skills, visa status, expected salary and work preferences.

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Get weekly alerts

Every week, you'll get notified about new candidates and get recommended matches.

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Simplify your sourcing process

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Create positions

You can save open roles as positions that include a role description, and salary.

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Use message templates

Every position has a customisable message template so you save time reaching out.

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Send messages directly

You communicate with candidates directly. Message requests are populated with your position and personalised message template.

Manage your pipeline in one place

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Positions dashboard

View your hiring pipeline at a glance. Manage key actions from your dashboard.

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Interview scheduler

Eliminate back and forth. Schedule interviews directly in the platform.

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Hiring analytics

Get data like accept rate or decline reasons to optimise your hiring process.

Integrate with your hiring tools

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ATS integration

With over 10 options – you can seamlessly integrate your favourite ATS with OfferZen.

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Calendar integration

Sync your calendar with OfferZen to seamlessly book interviews across teams.

Collaborate with your team

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Team seats

Hiring with others? You can add your team as admin or reviewers.

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Team notes

Collaborate with your team or your Account Manager directly on candidate profiles.

Showcase your employer brand

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AI generated profile

When you sign up, AI will autocomplete your employer profile to save you time.

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Dedicated employer profile

Showcase everything from your mission and tech stack to your perks, and office photos.

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Public directory

Your employer profile is added to our public directory so that even more developers can discover it.

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