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Topic: Interviews
Bootstrapper: Nic Harry - A business built on colorful socks
Nic Haralambous talks about his bootstrapped project Nic Harry. Tapping into the gap of creative accessories for men, his bamboo socks lead to a entire range...
by Anne Gonschorek - 26 May 2017
Topic: Interviews
Why 2U spent R1.38 billion to acquire GetSmarter
Nasdaq-listed digital education platform 2U recently acquired Cape Town based GetSmarter for R1,38 billion. OfferZen met with 2U’s COO Susan Cates to chat about why she...
by Anne Gonschorek - 25 May 2017
Topic: Industry insights
Meeting John Hill - The man behind GetSmarter's Tech Strategy
Cape Town-based edu-tech-startup GetSmarter has been acquired by Nasdaq-listed digital learning platform 2U for R1,38 billion. OfferZen sat down with CIO John Hill to discuss the...
by Anne Gonschorek - 24 May 2017
Topic: Community
Giraffe’s Mobisite Links Workers and Jobs
Giraffe is a recruitment platform that bridges the gap between job opportunities and jobseekers. The service focuses on medium-skilled workers earning R3 000 to R15 000...
by Helené van Tonder - 19 May 2017
Topic: Community
The Music Blogging Industry has a One-Stop Shop: SubmitHub
Capetonian Jason Grishkoff flips the old model of submitting songs to music blogs on its head: Thanks to his platform SubmitHub, artists now have direct access...
by Anne Gonschorek - 18 May 2017
Topic: Community
Leadhome Changes The Way We Are Buying And Selling Homes
Leadhome is changing the way properties are bought and sold: The commission-free, 24/7 web service brings transparency into the estate agency market. OfferZen spoke to CEO...
by Anne Gonschorek - 16 May 2017
Topic: Industry insights
Up in the Cloud - Hyrax Revolutionises Drug-Resistance-Testing
Hyrax Biosciences creates end-to-end software solutions that analyse DNA sequences. They aim to reduce complex sequencing data to simple and clear reports. OfferZen talked to Co-Founder...
by Anne Gonschorek - 12 May 2017
Topic: Interviews
Bootstrapper: Rudolph Koegelenberg on CaptureFit
Rudolph Koegelenberg talks about his bootstrapped project, CaptureFit. As a keen sportsman and active member of the fitness community, he's seen the demand for an online...
by Helené van Tonder - 11 May 2017
Topic: OfferZen Updates
I’m not a Bot - I’m a Talent Advisor
Hi there, I’m Sally. I'm one of OfferZen's Talent Advisors (and not a bot, as I so often have to reassure people). Before joining OfferZen in...
by Sally Wehncke - 9 May 2017
Topic: Community
EduOne: A Single Website For All Things Student
With EduOne, CEO Jason Basel and his team have created an end-to-end online platform geared towards students’ needs. Providing a plethora of information, textbooks, student loans...
by Anne Gonschorek - 5 May 2017
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