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How to Enable Cross-Continental Collaboration for Tech Teams
As more companies become remote friendly, what do teams need to be aware of? Here's how we collaborate between Cape Town and Taipei.
by Bevan Williams - 19 July 2018
Topic: Community
Game Programming Inspires My Software Development
Although I'm currently building applications in the financial space, I often find useful solutions in game engines. Here are four examples.
by Justin Worthe - 18 July 2018
Topic: Industry insights
Developer Salaries: Trends Amongst Top Earners
How do some developers manage to out-earn the rest? We’ve looked at the top 5% of highest earning developers to find interesting insights on trends and demand.
by Trinka Mynhardt - 10 July 2018
Topic: Community
Fighting the Imposter Syndrome: Lessons from a Self-Taught Developer
Being a self-taught developer can be scary and intimidating. For me, skipping university turned out to be the right choice anyways: Here’s what I learned.
by Arrie Pieterse - 3 July 2018
Topic: Community
Prioritise Like You Mean It
Once we have estimated the time and cost for our software project, how do we decide what to build first? Here's a simple method based on the value, cost and risk of a feature.
by Juan Urrego - 1 June 2018
Topic: Community
DIY: Growing Chilli-Plants with an Augmented Reality System
A simple project in my living room that grows chilli plants is a perfect case study of how you can leverage the power of big data and the cloud to integrate technology in...
by Dries Cronje - 25 May 2018
Topic: Community
Literate Programming: Empower Your Writing with Emacs Org-Mode
Literate programming can make your programming more expressive and give your writing the powers of your favourite programming language. Here's how it works.
by Justin Worthe - 14 May 2018
Topic: Community
Want to Build Your Own Chatbot? Here's How We Got Started
Building chatbots doesn't have to be scary. We've built a banking assistant with voice interface - all without special training! Here's how we did it and what we learned.
by Simon van Dyk - 7 May 2018
Topic: Community
Estimating Software Projects’ Time and Cost Like a Pro
Only 3 out of 10 projects finish on time and budget & only 10% of big projects survive at all! Here's how to estimate your project's time and cost like a pro.
by Juan Urrego - 4 May 2018
Topic: Industry insights
Expert Guide on How to Make a Badass UI/UX Portfolio
Portfolios are the one thing allowing UI/UX designers to stand out - even more so than CVs. Here are the tips from experts at Dropbox, InVision and Glucode.
by Marike Brown - 2 May 2018
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