Topic: Tech Career Insights
What It Takes To Be a Senior Developer in the Netherlands
A developer's seniority is more than their years of experience. Here are other factors that senior developers have in common.
by Josh Nel
Topic: Tech insights
Top 7 Guides on Using React and Angular
Most developers want to work with React and Angular - but don’t yet! Here are our top guides on React and Angular from the blog to help you get started.
by Marcelle van Niekerk
Topic: Tech insights
Top 6 Articles on AI and Cloud Engineering
AI and cloud engineering are the most exciting industries for developers in 2021. Here are some of our top posts from the blog to kick-start your learning.
by Anne Gonschorek
Topic: OfferZen Updates
Mapping my career: Fireside chat with Jeremy Edberg and Ray Mc Donnell
We picked the brains of MinOps Founder, Jeremy Edberg, and LinkedIn Account Manager Ray Mc Donnell, to hear insights and trends on senior dev career moves.
by Alexandra Hanson
Topic: OfferZen Updates
Career Deep Dives: Senior Developers
At our online webinar, our VP of Growth deep-dived into data insights from our State of the Software Dev Nation Report, and how it relates to Senior Devs.
by Alexandra Hanson
Topic: OfferZen Updates
The Netherlands Tech Ecosystem: Data Snapshots from LinkedIn
At our online webinar, Ray McDonnell from LinkedIn deep-dived into data insights from LinkedIn on the NL Tech Ecosystem and how it relates to Dev Careers.
by Alexandra Hanson
Topic: OfferZen Updates
Report: 2021 State of the Developer Nation – Netherlands
We surveyed over 500 developers to bring you a report on developer careers in the Netherlands.
by Anne Gonschorek
Topic: Tech insights
How I Built a Telegram Bot to Monitor Home-brewed Beer
Michael shares the step-by-step process he followed to set up a temperature sensor system for home-brewed beer using the Telegram bot API and IoT tech.
by Michael White
Topic: Resources
Remote Pug: Zoom Background and Wallpapers
Remote Pug is here to join your remote work setup! Download the wallpapers here.
by Simone le Roux
Topic: Tech insights
Programmable Banking Community: Wealth Projection Platform
Here's how Ushik's team built a wealth projection platform for better short-term spending habits at a hackathon we ran with the Programmable Banking Community.
by Ben Blaine

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