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Topic: Industry insights
The Importance of a Founder Team in Raising VC Funding
One of the most important indicators of a startup’s later success is the founding team. This is not only something to consider if you are planning to join a startup but in...
by Anne Gonschorek - 20 July 2017
Topic: Industry insights
How Yoco’s Product Team Develops with the Customer in Mind
Yoco is a South African fintech company providing payment services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Their products include two different card readers, a point of...
by Helené van Tonder - 14 July 2017
Topic: OfferZen Updates
On Finding Meaningful Work
Hey, I’m Matt and I work as a Talent Advisor at OfferZen. I’m part of the human side of the platform: I support software developers throughout their job search. This...
by Matthew Sturgess - 14 July 2017
Topic: Community
Inside Investec’s Development Teams
The day-to-day experience of developers varies a lot among different industries. To learn more about developers working in the banking industry, OfferZen talked to Shabhana...
by Helené van Tonder - 12 July 2017
Topic: Industry insights
Justin Stanford on How to Get Money from VCs in South Africa
4Di Capital is a Silicon Valley-style venture capital firm in Cape Town investing in early stage technology startups. Their portfolio showcases companies like HealthQ...
by Anne Gonschorek - 7 July 2017
Topic: Industry insights
What Zoona’s Tech Team is Doing to Scale to 10 Countries by 2020
Zoona is a mobile payments company founded in 2009. They partner with local entrepreneurs to provide a variety of financial services to unbanked consumers and small...
by Helené van Tonder - 5 July 2017
Topic: Community
Fostering Talent - CodeX on Training the Next Generation of Coders
Tech in Africa is disrupting many key industries - starting from communication, banking and energy all the way to health, agriculture, education and logistics. At the same...
by Anne Gonschorek - 30 June 2017
Topic: OfferZen Updates
Reactifying OfferZen
The first iteration of OfferZen’s frontend stack consisted of server-side rendered html, jquery and handlebar templates. Although this worked quite well for us in the early...
by Martin Pretorius - 30 June 2017
Topic: Industry insights
How to Set Your Hourly Rate as a Contract Developer
This article was written by Simon Stewart (@simonstewart) - a freelance developer and organiser of JSinSA (JavaScript in SA conference) "What's your hourly rate?" This is...
by Guest Author - 29 June 2017
Topic: Industry insights
The Developer Languages Driving SA’s Top Companies
After our previous analysis on salaries for different programming languages, we decided to analyse developer languages further. Specifically, we were interested to see...
by Harry Hands - 27 June 2017
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