We believe that great developers are everywhere.

And with the right opportunities, they can build an awesome future.

Factors preventing great developers from building an awesome future:

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Many great opportunities remain undiscovered
Both developers and companies miss out in the way they’re looking for each other: Everyone focuses on the same geographical areas and channels, missing out on potentially better opportunities beyond.
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It’s becoming harder to find the right fit
New geographical areas, ever changing tech stacks, countless new industries hiring for software developers — cutting through the noise and identifying a great opportunity or candidate is increasingly complex.
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A great match doesn’t guarantee success
There are many hurdles in the way of a developer joining a team: Remote interviewing, lengthy negotiation and cross-border employment admin are only a few.
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Our mission is to connect every developer with opportunities to build an awesome future.
We’re a developer marketplace that helps you find the right fit.
Our platform flips the regular recruitment model: On OfferZen, companies reach out to job-seeking developers instead of the other way around.
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Our talent platform

Active searching only
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Only actively job-seeking developers and hiring companies are listed on the platform.
Smart driven matching
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Developers and companies are automatically matched based on skills and requirements.
Upfront salary and info
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Both developers and companies get upfront information about each other including salary, role, location, skills and more.
Direct communication
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Hiring teams connect directly with developers - there are no external middlemen.

How it started

OfferZen was founded in 2015, by two brothers and
developers, Philip and Malan Joubert, in Cape Town, South Africa.
OfferZen was founded in 2015, by two brothers and developers, Philip and Malan Joubert, in Cape Town, South Africa.
For developers, by developers
Philip and Malan were also involved in starting Africa's most successful crypto exchange, Luno, as well as many other successful African businesses, including Root, JourneyApps, and SnapScan. This is why our growing 160+ team is rooted in maker culture.
Always community-first
Since day 0, we've been supporting tech meetups, running build days for developers, helping developers create awesome content and designing MANY really nerdy shirts. Over the last six years, our community has grown to over 100 000 software developers across Africa and Europe,
Connecting developers in “Middle-earth”
In 2020, we decided to take OfferZen to Europe to connect even more companies and developers. We opened our beachhead in Amsterdam, and have been rapidly adding developers and companies from many countries throughout what we call "Middle-earth" (the GMT+2 timezone) since.
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How it’s going

Every week, thousands of software developers apply to us to receive invites from companies in 18+ countries.
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New, curated developers on
the platform every week
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Companies hiring for hybrid, remote, and on-site roles
Permanent job opportunities for developers, data scientists and DevOps engineers
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Machine-learning powered curation + matching

We are in 18+ countries

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Find a dev job

The community

In everything we do, we always aim to add value to the community. In fact, we invest a large portion of revenue from our jobs platform back into building a community that helps developers level up.
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Shirts with 30+ designs
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Developers in the community
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Join the OfferZen team

We’re always growing our team of curious and driven people who care about making an impact and helping each other grow.
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👬  180+ Team members
💻  Remote-first
🌍 Offices in Amsterdam and Cape Town
🌍  Offices in Amsterdam
     and Cape Town
🎉  We are hiring—join us!