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Hire top tech talent for your team!

Access a curated list of tech talent from Developers to Designers, Data Scientists, Product Managers and more


Access to a curated list of talent

Our team curates all candidates who apply to OfferZen so you’ll only see SA’s top 10%. Candidates are actively looking and ready to make a move.


Make insightful hiring decisions

Our candidate’s profiles will inform you on what kind of work they are really interested in doing next, their preferred salary and even show competing offers from other companies.


Help teams hire together

Easily share your favourite candidates and leave notes on profiles or conversations for teammates to see and action so that you can streamline your team’s hiring process.

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How it works

Create a company profile

Your Customer Success Manager will help you build a page that highlights to candidates your company culture, tech stack and perks.

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Reach out to top talent

View our curated list and reach out to candidates knowing what they want to do next, their preferred salary and competing offers.

Hire quickly

Candidates are asked to respond within 48 hours. So conversations move fast on OfferZen and you could be ready to hire in less than 2 weeks.

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Pricing Options

Sign up is free, you only pay when you find a candidate you want to hire.

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Upfront success fee


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12.5% of candidate’s salary for the first year

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If in the first 3 months things don’t work out with the candidate, we’ll give you your entire fee back


Monthly payment plan


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1.5% of annual CTC per month, for 10 months

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If in the first 10 months things don’t work out with the candidate, we will immediately stop invoicing you

"Working with OfferZen has been an amazing experience. Instant access to top candidates has made our hiring process much faster - and I'd recommend them to anyone looking to build a world-class tech team."

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