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OfferZen is a recruitment marketplace to hire the best South African developers

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Our team curates the developers who apply to OfferZen and you’ll only see top candidates.

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Candidates are looking for new opportunities, and respond to interview requests within 48 hours.

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Senior Rails Developer
Back-End Engineer
Senior Ruby Developer

Make hiring decisions with insight

OfferZen makes the hiring process transparent. You’re able to see what each candidate is interested in doing next, their preferred salary and even competing offers from other companies.

How it works

  1. Create your company profile

    Build a page that shows developers your company culture, tech stack and perks.

  2. Browse developers

    View a curated list of developers looking for their next opportunity.

  3. Send interview requests

    When you find a developer that you like, send them an interview request.

  4. Grow your team

    Follow your hiring process knowing what the candidate wants to do next, their preferred salary and competing offers.

Trusted by South Africa’s top tech companies

“It’s been a wonderful experience working with OfferZen. Quick, responsive, and with a great online platform, I’d recommend it to any business looking to source the best people.”
Marcel Du Toit, Leadhome
“OfferZen helped us to very quickly find someone that is a great fit for our company. With minimum overhead and no nagging follow-up calls, this was the easiest recruitment exercise we ever experienced.”
Herman Lintvelt, HealthQ
success fee


Signing up for OfferZen is free. If you hire someone through OfferZen we charge 12.5% of first year salary. If things don't work out with the developer in the first 3 months, we'll give you the entire fee back.

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