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πŸ’¬ Interviewing software developers

Good news: You’ve succeeded in grabbing the attention of a developer in your pipeline β€” it’s time to move forward to the interview.

At this point, all you probably know about the developer you're contacting is what you’ve read on their profile or CV. Conversely, most of their knowledge about your company is derived from a combination of your message, your website, and public reviews, which is not quite the full story.

To move forward, your goal should be to tell the developer why your company is a great place to work, while they explain how they can help you with your mission. The interview stage is the most nuanced part of the hiring process. At this point, you share the majority of information that will ultimately determine whether an offer is made or accepted.

We can subdivide the interview process into a few discrete phases:

The initial conversation: The first structured outreach between your company and the candidate.

The technical assessment: Determining whether the person in question has the technical background to add value to your team.

The culture add assessment: Determining whether or not there is resonance between the person’s goals and motivations and your company’s mission and team environment.