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Flutter Developer Salary Trends in South Africa

22 June 2023 , by Josh Nel

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Flutter is the third most-wanted framework among South African developers behind only React and Angular. Here we’ll look at the average Flutter developer’s salary at each stage of their careers and how they compare to those of Angular and React.


Entry-level Flutter developer salaries have dropped since last year, meaning they start their careers earning an average monthly income of R18 709. That’s 20.4% (R4 791) less than the 2022 starting average. That puts them behind React and Angular – 20.4% (R5 148) and 12.6% (R2 694) respectively.

Thankfully, from these humble beginnings, they experience meteoric salary growth, with 2-4 years of experience netting a colossal 57% (R10 673) increase to R29 382, which is 4.7% (R1 323) better than 2022. That closes React’s lead to 10.1% (R3 308) and edges a whole 0.1% (R32) ahead of Angular.

With 4-6 years on the job, there’s another whopping 55.1% (R16 201) raise on the cards, jumping Flutter developers up to a monthly salary of R45 583. At this level, React developers earn just 4% (R1 917) more, while Angular developers pull ahead by 5.2% (R2 484).

With cross-platform apps increasingly in demand, so too are programmers who can develop them. Junior developers are more likely to change roles during the early stages of their careers. This gives them the opportunity to negotiate higher increases, and likely explains the significant salary growth Flutter developers see early in their careers.

Average Salary by Developers’ Years of Experience

Average Salary by Years Experience, showing 25th and 75th percentiles
Years of Experience 25th Percentile Average 75th Percentile
0-2 R10,000 R18,709 R27,500
2-4 R17,500 R29,382 R35,750
4-6 R27,500 R45,583 R52,500
6-10 R52,500 R67,850 R78,750
10+ R65,000 R91,937 R105,000

Salary growth for senior Flutter developers does slow down – but only slightly. With 6-10 years of experience, they’re in for a 48.8% (R22 267) increase, which puts their R67 850 salary 1.7% (R1 162) above the 2022 equivalent. They also overtake React by 1% (R667), and Angular by 8.8% (R5 498).

Veteran Flutter developers with a decade or more of experience under their belts can look forward to a further 35.5% (R24 087) increase to a not-inconsiderable monthly salary of R91 937. That’s 4.5% (R3 924) more than they would’ve earned in 2022, along with being 1.4% (R1 243) ahead of React, and 7.9% (R6 737) ahead of Angular.

Senior Flutter developers need to be familiar with third-party libraries and APIs, be experienced with automated testing and building, be able to write code and create extensive documentation for existing code, and also likely manage and coach teams of younger developers. These skills make them highly valuable assets to any software development company and thus compensated accordingly.

Average Flutter Developer Salaries in 2023 vs 2022

Years of Experience 2023 2022
0-2 R18,709 R23,500
2-4 R29,382 R28,059
4-6 R45,583 R40,459
6-10 R67,850 R66,688
10+ R91,937 R88,013

Keep in mind

The data in this article is taken from OfferZen's 2023 State of the Software Developer Nation Report. In this article, 'salary' refers to the gross monthly salary (before tax) provided by more than 4500 survey respondents.

Average salaries are single data points and only one part of a bigger story. It's expected that many respondents may earn significantly more or less than these averages. However, we hope to provide a picture of underlying trends by mapping the average salaries for different experience levels.

Salaries depend on the industry, individual, perks and nature of work. These factors all influence the salary a company will offer to a prospective hire. In addition, most developers are "fluent" in several languages, which will affect the final figures.

It's also important to remember that every individual's context is different. Ultimately, salary is a personal conversation that should take place between employee and employer.

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