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Developer-driven banking, for a developer-driven world.

Join the Investec Programmable Banking Beta Program and be a part of the future of banking.

In collaboration with OfferZen

Niche developer banking, built with the community

Investec Private Bank offers distinctive banking for distinguished individuals. Software development is a profession of the future, and Investec and OfferZen are working together with the community on a mission to enable developers to access the world of banking.

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Private banking with under-the-hood access

  • Investec Private Bank Account with access to a Private Banker

    Beta participants get access to the full suite of benefits as part of the private bank offering, including a dedicated private banker.

  • Programmable access to your Investec Private Bank Account

    Access to a hosted code editor on the online banking platform that allows you to post transaction data externally and run logic on each transaction.

  • Coming soon

    Bank Account API Access

    Access your transactions and make payments via API - unlocking the full potential of your Investec Private Bank Account.

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You write the rules

Build your own rules and limits using securely hosted Javascript cloud functions that execute during your card transactions. Limit your fast-food spend, track your coffee intake on the fly, or send money to your favourite charity on every swipe - anything goes.

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Investec Programmable Banking Beta Program

  • Full service Investec Private Banking

    Get an Investec Private Banking account with early access to programmable banking features.

  • Join the Community

    Share and learn from other hand picked developers that are part of the community.

  • Be a part of the future

    Join other early adopters helping co-create the future of banking in South Africa.

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To help developers build great software, they need access to the core services of our economy. Helping Investec make programmable banking possible is another step toward empowering developers to build awesome software.

The future of every industry lies in technology. We’re on a mission to empower the people behind that technology with the tools they need, and to enable them to solve problems that will grow the economy of this country.

Be a part of the future of banking

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