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Current Virtual Make Event Course

Build a self-watering plant

In this free course you'll learn how to use a WiFi-enabled Arduino ESP8266 to build a self-watering plant - while connecting virtually with a small group of developers.

When? Weekly from 6pm CET - 8:30pm CET
Where? Online, via zoom
How much? Free

The aim of Make Events is to play, explore and learn new things. The structure caters for varying levels of experience.
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We provide you with all the tools you need - for free!

Before the event you'll receive:

  • ESP8266 (NodeMCU) Boards
  • Assorted sensors, pumps and accessories
  • A plant (the OG tech)
  • Pot for the plant
  • OfferZen swag: T-Shirt and Lego
  • Snack/Drink to keep you going

What can you do with the skills you learnt?

Water your plant via comms APIs

Connect your plant to anything

Turn your plant into a chatbot

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*Attendees must have coding experience and/or experience working in tech

Why attend a Make Event?

Learn from others by building new things together

As developers, we know that the best way to learn new things is by simply getting building! Make Events provides the opportunity and
equipment to get you started.

Meet other developers
in the community

At Make Events you’ll meet, connect and build relationships with like-minded developers. Post event we keep you connected with the community via Slack.

Continue to grow yourself and
something bigger

Use your new connections to learn and grow beyond the events - extend your project by building on project repositories and working with others via the Make Slack community.

What other makers are saying

“I loved the event. We built the self watering plant and then brainstormed ideas on how much home automation can be built with simple hardware. Everyone built on each other’s ideas, to come up with something amazing."

Abhinav Suryawanshi

Full stack Java Developer, Adyen

"The fact that we were focused on learning while building software made for a really unique event experience. I also enjoyed working with other developers. We decided to pair program and worked on the problem together."

Ridhwana Khan

Co-founder, Zero One