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: OfferZen’s Week in Review: 7 August
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OfferZen’s Week in Review: 7 August

07 August 2023, by Josh Nel

In this week’s roundup from OfferZen, we’ll look at how Albatros rapidly scaled their team by hiring 10 developers in 6 months, 4 DevOps practices that help speed up feature delivery, and why Stephen van der Heijden built Dino Referrer to help developers turn unwanted LinkedIn InMails into real rewards.


How Albatros hired 10 developers on OfferZen in 6 months

Hiring developers is challenging, especially if you need to build a team urgently. It can take months to source, interview and get developers onboarded using traditional hiring methods — as the SaaS company Albatros found out when they had to build their tech team from scratch. Here’s how Albatros switched to OfferZen and rapidly scaled their team, hiring 10 developers and saving 68% on hiring costs along the way.

4 DevOps best practices to speed up feature delivery

In software development, the goal is to release new features as quickly as possible. But a feature is only complete once it is operating as intended without requiring excessive escalations or unanticipated work. DevOps helps to optimise the speed of delivering a feature while making sure that it remains of good quality and does not require significant rework.

Here, Guilherme Pinheiro talks about how Nmbrs utilises DevOps to deliver new features, bug corrections, and improvements faster.

How OfferZen is turning unwanted InMails into rewards for our community

When talking to developers, LinkedIn InMails from recruiters were consistently brought up as a pet peeve in their job searches – particularly generic messages that don’t actually know what they’re talking about.

The thing is, even if you’re not interested in who the recruiter is and what they’re looking for, we are because we can help them find the right fit. Enter: Dino Referrer. This gives developers on OfferZen the opportunity to turn unwanted LinkedIn InMails into rewards and real cash with our new Chrome extension. Here Stephen van der Heijden explains why he built it – and how developers can help make it ten times better.

Why I use the old school definition of story points

Story points are ubiquitous in the Agile world. If you ask two different Agile teams what they are, however, you’ll likely get different answers. Some say it represents complexity or effort. Others say it represents a combination of qualities. And so on.

Here Christiaan Fouché shares why he defines story points as ideal days and how this helps with Agile estimation.

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