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How OfferZen integrated AI to save time on employer profile creation

18 August 2023 , by Chama Diksha Ramchurn

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In an increasingly competitive job market, well-crafted employer branding can make all the difference in attracting the best tech talent. At OfferZen, we have integrated AI technology into our product, making it easier than ever for employers to build and showcase engaging profiles. Here is an overview of our AI-powered solution and how it simplifies the process of building engaging company profiles on the OfferZen platform.


The complexities of company profile creation

A company profile on OfferZen serves as a virtual window into an organisation, giving potential candidates insight into its culture, values, tech stacks, press coverage and job perks. Here are some examples of profiles on our platform: Entersekt, Mercedes-Benz South Africa, BNRY.

A well-curated company profile creates a positive brand image, builds trust and attracts talented individuals who align with the company's vision and technologies used.

One of the key challenges in profile building lies in crafting an appealing summary that accurately represents an employer's culture, mission, and processes. This summary needs to captivate potential candidates and provide crucial insights into what sets the company apart. Hence writing this engaging summary manually can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

In addition to the company's bio, other important information, such as perks and tech stacks, also need to be manually populated. This can be a tedious and repetitive task, especially for companies with a diverse range of perks and a wide variety of technologies in use.

Another challenge employers face in creating profiles is the requirement to complete this step before they can start the hiring process on the OfferZen platform. This can create additional pressure and time constraints, as employers may be eager to access the platform's talent pool but need to invest time and resources into creating a comprehensive profile first.

However, it is still crucial for companies to invest in this step, as a well-crafted profile plays a crucial role in capturing candidates' interest. That is why we are leveraging the power of AI to address the challenges encountered in this process, providing improved efficiency and speed. Let me outline our approach.

AI-Driven company profile summary

With AI, the task of writing an attractive summary about the company can be significantly streamlined. AI algorithms can analyse vast amounts of data about the company and generate compelling summaries that capture the essence of what makes the company unique. This automation frees up valuable time for the hiring team members to focus on other critical tasks while ensuring that the profiles are crafted with precision and resonate with potential candidates.

The enhanced speed and efficiency provided by AI empower employers to quickly showcase their unique selling points in the highly competitive tech hiring landscape and attract top tech talent without delay.

At OfferZen, we have developed an efficient process to generate a company's profile summary using advanced technology. By utilising a combination of public data sources and OpenAI’s GPT-4 API, we are able to automate the creation of an impressive summary for a company’s profile.

Step 1: Fetching raw company data

The process begins when a new company user registers an account on our platform using their work email address. Through trusted services, we gather relevant, publicly available information about the company. This data allows us to auto-populate a company’s profile fields, such as the company logo, address and number of employees.

Step 2: OpenAI technology crafts comprehensive company summaries

Using the obtained raw data, we leverage the power of OpenAI’s GPT-4 API. By inputting the raw company data, we prompt the AI to analyse and generate a compelling summary of the company. This takes into consideration specific sections like a company's purpose, culture, work incentives and processes. Additionally, we have leveraged AI capability to provide responses in a markdown structure, which simplifies the coding process.

This innovative approach allows us to effectively showcase a company's unique characteristics based on the information provided.

Step 3: Adding the perks of the company

When building a company profile, we can also extract relevant information from a job description to automatically populate the perks and tech stacks of a company.

After creating an account, a company is prompted to input a link to an example job description. The HTML content from this link is scraped and processed to auto-populate the tech stacks and perks. Using prompts to OpenAI’s GPT-4 API, we are able to:

  • Automatically generate the perks in the desired format, making the processing faster and more efficient.
  • Set a word limit for each perk and a maximum number of generated perks to ensure readability.
  • Further simplify the profile-building process on our platform.

At the moment, this feature is currently only available for LinkedIn Job and Greenhouse links. Companies that do not provide these specific links will not benefit from this feature in its current form. In future iterations, we might enhance this feature to cater for the processing of job descriptions from multiple sites.

Step 4: Adjust the populated profile

The effectiveness of this solution greatly relies on the availability and accuracy of company data. It is worth noting that enrichment services may not always have information for every company, which could potentially hinder the automatic generation of a summary. Furthermore, there is a risk of utilising outdated data, resulting in an imprecise summary.

Therefore, the final step in the process is to allow the company to review and update their summary, making sure that they are happy with the way that they are presented and that there is no inaccurate information.

We also make sure that companies are aware of this and encourage them to review the information:


This recently released feature aims to help employers effortlessly create compelling profiles that increase their chances of finding the perfect match for their needs.

However, we acknowledge that there is always room for improvement. As we continue to learn from user feedback, we are committed to expanding and enhancing this feature in future iterations.

Chama Diksha Ramchurn is a software engineer at OfferZen and a UCT alumni originally from Mauritius. Fueled by her passion for learning and innovation, she thrives on challenges and she strives to make a meaningful impact. She relishes the chance to share her knowledge and experiences with others while eagerly learning from others.


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