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About iPay

iPay is a tight-knit team with a large and rapidly expanding global client footprint, currently in 30 different countries.

Our business expansion philosophy is, "Expansion by Intelligent Automation." Each member of our team plays an important role in crafting automation solutions. We do not throw more "human resources" at a problem when a smart technical solution can solve it.

iPay is an established and respected brand with a 15 year track record in the Energy Metering and Payments industries. All of the management team have technical backgrounds, so we appreciate the value of excellent technical skill sets and a passion for tech.

Our excellent staff retention record translates into effective mentoring and a gentle introduction for new starters.

We are open-source friendly and use Java whenever possible and sensible.

Why work for us?

If you're looking to strike a balance between working in an agile start-up and an established, stable company, iPay offers a blend of both.

Another balance that's important to us is work-life. We offer flexitime and have offices in both the northern suburbs (Tygerberg Office Park) and southern suburbs (Westlake Business Park) of Cape Town to reduce the time you'll spend in traffic. It is official company policy to avoid the need for overtime work whenever possible and our project schedules are set accordingly.

Our Culture

Relaxed, Responsible, Results-focused.

Red tape is not on our stationery list and never will be.

Office Politics is not one of the games we play. Pool, Table Tennis and Chess are.

Our Hiring Process

You'll meet the Managing Director and the Technical Director at the first interview. If everyone agrees that there's potential to work together, you'll be asked to complete a technical exercise in your own time. Often this will be followed by another interview, where various aspects of the exercise are discussed. If everyone is still keen at this point, you will receive an offer.

No dress code.
Stocked kitchen. Build your own meals and snacks. Nespresso coffee.
Flexitime. Choice of Cape Town Northern or Southern Suburbs office to avoid traffic.
International travel opportunities.
Table Tennis / Pool
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon EC2
Spring Framework


Android Studio

Business Tools

Google Apps

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