OfferZen - Terms and Conditions


Throughout this document, the words “OfferZen,” “us,” “we,” and “our,” refer to our company, our Site or our Service, as is appropriate in the context of the use of the words.

"Candidate" refers to prospective employees who are seeking employment opportunities through OfferZen.

The term “Employer” refers to companies that signed up to OfferZen with the intention to recruit Candidates, or the individuals who represent those companies.

“Start Date” refers to the first working day of a Candidate at an Employer.

“Interview Request” refers to a expression of interest sent via OfferZen from an Employer to a Candidate. An Interview Request is non-binding and does not create any contractual obligations to either Employers or Candidates.

“Job Offer” is a formal, binding offer of employment from an Employer to a Candidate.

“Signing Bonus” is an amount of R5,000 paid by OfferZen to a Candidate.


You agree to keep all information gained from using OfferZen confidential.

You agree not to disclose the names or identities of any Candidates listed on OfferZen, outside of your recruiting or hiring department. You also agree to keep information about Interview Requests confidential.

OfferZen Services

OfferZen is offering a way for employers to connect with Candidates, and for those Candidates to express interest in specific companies.

As an Employer you understand that we will not perform background checks on these Candidates and that you are responsible for performing due diligence on all candidates including, but not limited to, background checks, reference checks and checks for the accuracy of the provided information.

Roles and Responsibilities

Candidate’s Role

After a Candidate’s registration has been accepted by us, he or she will be able to make their profile visible to Employers. Employers will then have the opportunity to send non-binding Interview Requests to the Candidate. The Candidate may, but is not obligated to, contact any Employer that made an Interview Request to him or her.

The Candidate agrees not to attempt to circumvent OfferZen by independently communicating with an Employer that contacted or communicated with him or her on OfferZen.

Employer’s Role

After an Employer’s registration has been accepted by us, the Employer will be able to browse Candidates on OfferZen and submit Interview Requests. If an Employer hires a candidate that has been made visible to them on OfferZen, the Employer will be charged a success fee from OfferZen.

Once an Employer has discovered a Candidate on OfferZen, the Employer agrees to communicate exclusively with the Candidate through OfferZen for the duration of the Interview Request process. The Employer and the Candidate may use other means of communication once the Candidate has responded to the Interview Request.

The Employer agrees not to attempt to circumvent OfferZen by independently attempting to communicate and hire the Candidate after discovering the Candidate on OfferZen.

Payments and Refunds

For Candidates

OfferZen is free for Candidates.

A Candidate is required to promptly notify OfferZen if he or she accepts an offer of employment, whether for an indefinite or fixed term. The Candidates shall also provide OfferZen with the key terms of the Job Offer, including their Start Date.

Candidates who accept Job Offers for full time employment of an indefinite term will receive a Signing Bonus from OfferZen no later than 120 days after their Start Date.

In the event that within ninety days of the Start Date (a) an Employer terminates your Employment, other than as part of retrenchments or (b) you voluntarily terminate your employment contract, and (c) you have received the Signing Bonus, then you shall refund that Signing Bonus to OfferZen.

For Employers

If a Candidate identified through OfferZen accepts a Job Offer within six months of the Candidate’s OfferZen profile being visible to the Employer, the Employer will be charged a Success Fee. The Success Fee is equal to 12.5% of the Candidate’s annual total cost to company (CTC), inclusive of all guaranteed income. The Success Fee shall be due thirty days after the Start Date.

If the Employer already had an active process with the Candidate, no success fee will be due. An active process means that the Candidate was not rejected and that there was at least one communication (email, call, interview, ...) from each side in the last ninety days in the context of a potential hiring.

If the Candidate or the Employer terminates the employment within ninety days of the Start Date for any reason other than retrenchments, the paid Success Fee will be refunded to the Employer, provided that the Success Fee was paid within thirty days.


At any time, and without cause, we may cancel or terminate your access to OfferZen in our sole discretion. You are not entitled for any kind of compensation if you request to cancel or terminate your account.


You agree to indemnify and hold OfferZen, its employees, its officers, and its agents harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs or debt, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees) arising from User's access or use of the Service.

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