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Accurx is where conversations happen with and about patients. Through one, easy-to-use platform, we help everyone involved in a patient’s care to communicate and collaborate.

Whether you’re a patient or a healthcare professional, Accurx lets you connect seamlessly with the people you need to.

We believe that healthcare runs on conversations - conversations in GP practices, on hospital wards, over the phone, text, video, email and from a patient’s home. That’s why we’re working toward a health system where everyone involved in patient care can communicate for the good of patients and healthcare staff.

Every interaction on Accurx helps to build a better-connected healthcare system, where easy communication changes and saves lives every day.

Our Culture

We're a rapidly growing team with backgrounds ranging from healthcare and consulting to software and non-profits. What brings us together is an obsession with improving the health system.
We care about creating an inclusive and diverse work environment but we know we still have work to do on this front. We recently surveyed the team to get an understanding of where we are currently so that we could set specific goals on how to improve. You can read about it here.

We work in partnership with Stonewall as part of their Diversity Champions program. This is because we believe in a world where all LGBTQ+ people are free to be themselves and can live their lives to the full. Inclusive workplaces have a huge part to play in making this world a reality.

Our Engineering Processes

Every day you’ll be applying the “product engineer” mindset. This means being close to users and their needs (e.g. getting involved in user research by joining sessions with patients and their healthcare teams), helping decide what we build (e.g. collaborating on design and specifications), and building with a focus on the end goal and being responsible for continuous improvement to the live services you have shipped.

Our Interview Processes

Our interview process has the following stages:

  1. Call with Talent team
  2. 1st Stage Competency Interview
  3. Online Task
  4. Final

A bit more about the technical assessment:

Backend focus - Reliable Downloader / Github exercise

Aim: The purpose of this exercise is to get an understanding of how you analyse requirements, solve problems, use language features appropriately, structure code and verify your solution works correctly.

The exercise is more real world to us and it is related to reliably downloading files. We ask candidates to spend 2-3 hours on their solution. We will share a skeleton project with you to get started and more details of the problem.

Frontend focus - accuBook dashboard

Aim: The purpose of this interview is to get an understanding of how you analyse requirements, solve problems, use language features appropriately and structure code.

For this task, we would like you to create a dashboard for a GP practice. This dashboard will help doctors and admin staff to see at a glance which patients have had which COVID-19 vaccine. We ask candidates to spend 2-3 hours on their solution.

During the process, you are likely to meet the following members of our team:
Members from the talent and engineering teams

What will they be looking for?

Throughout the interview process, they'll be assessing technical skills drawing on past experiences, as well as values.

Our Values interview is crucial to making sure that everybody at Accurx is aligned to our core values and we continue to add to our great culture. We purposely choose accuFolk from outside the team you would be joining to conduct the interview so that you can gain a much stronger feel for our culture.

Our values and the questions we use to assess them have been developed by our team. The questions are constantly being refined. Check out this post from Jacob that explains how we agreed on our company values.

The interview will last 45 mins, 35 mins to ask you questions and 10 mins for yours.
The interview can feel a little formulaic 😔 This interview needs to be standardised to ensure we qualify every candidates values fairly and in the same way. This stage plays a huge part in maintaining our fantastic team culture!

There are some questions that ask about bad decisions, these aren't trick questions! We believe failures are great learning opportunities, with these questions it's best to be super honest, accountable and maybe even vulnerable.

What we look for in every hire:

  • You're mission-driven and care about positively impacting the lives of billions
  • You're passionate about improving healthcare
  • You're excited by change and a fast-paced learning environment
  • You love solving problems, and relish in the constant challenges a startup throws your way.
  • You're an excellent communicator with the ability to translate complex to simple, bringing your ideas to life.
  • When you see something not working, you'll flag it and be part of the solution
  • You share our values

How long does our interview process usually take, from first call to offer stage?

The length of the interview process varies and takes on average a couple of weeks to a month.

Read the full Product Engineer Hiring Process here or reach out to us for more information. There are some tips in there that I'd recommend checking out 😉

Alternatively, please take a look at our careers page to get to know us better.

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