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What we do

We enable the transformation of marketing organizations, by crafting new capability deeply rooted in data and technology. Our goal is to steward a step change from marketing which is fragmented, static and product-centric, to marketing that is orchestrated, agile and customer-centric.

Today customers demand experiences that are relevant, tailored and helpful across all touchpoints. A new bar has been set, and it requires that organizations manage the tools, platforms, and datasets that deliver these experiences as an integrated whole – a complex task.

Acceleration helps simplify this process using our deep expertise and years of experience. We work with our clients to overcome challenges, identify new opportunities and deliver outstanding customer experiences that drive value for the brand.

How We Do It

We design truly customer-centric technology architectures, underpinned by holistic data assets and enable capability that’s delivered through agile operating models. We start with strategy and design, and we don’t stop until we have landed the capabilities that allow our clients to delight customers and drive real results.
Our goal is to create the capability that enables the delivery of a modern marketing experience.

The results of this transformation include:

  • A step-change in marketing capability
  • Consistent and relevant customer engagement across all touch points
  • Improved insights and more meaningful relationships with customers
  • Holistic media measurement, attribution and a real understanding of whats driving value
  • Increased efficiency in managing a connected marketing technology and data eco-system
  • Effective and efficient marketing operating models
  • A marketing organization equipped to compete in a modern marketing world

Who we do it for

Our team of over 150 marketing technologists works with global brands across five continents. We are trusted advisors to CEOs, strategic partners to CMOs and operational partners to CIOs.

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Google Analytics

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Google Apps
Microsoft Sharepoint

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