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What are companies looking for?

Developer BI@2x

BI Developer with experience in:

  • Producing designs of logical models to integrate the data
  • Configuring, deploying, and maintaining database servers
  • Writing relational and multidimensional database queries and application functionality
Analyst BI@2x

BI Analysts with experience in:

  • Working with teams to develop, metrics, reports and dashboards
  • Data modelling both logical and physical models
  • Developing processes for the collection and analysis of data
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How it works

  1. Business intelligence profile@2x

    Create your OfferZen profile

    We’ll help you craft a profile that will make you stand out of the crowd. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure your profile isn’t shown to any of your previous employers.

  2. Business intelligence ta@2x

    Meet your Talent Advisor

    When you get accepted, you will be assigned an industry hiring expert from the OfferZen team. They are here to help you with your job search.

  3. Business intelligence ir@2x

    Companies apply to you

    Once you are ready, we’ll show your profile to over 900 companies. They will be able to send you interview requests with upfront salary information.

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    Accept an offer

    Within a few weeks you should be ready to accept an offer from a company you are excited to work at. As a bonus, we’ll send you an epic swag pack to say congrats!

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Manage your job search from one interface
Control your job search through one UI, companies will approach you directly, so all communications stay in one place.
Get shown to over 1000 SA companies
We’ll show your profile to 1000+ top tech companies, if companies are interested in you, they’ll apply to you with an upfront offer.
Deal directly with companies
No need to deal with 3rd party recruiters, we have all the right people using OfferZen. Technical managers and founders see your profile and will deal with you directly.

We're here to help

Your talent advisor will be on hand to help you through the whole hiring process

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  • Connect you to companies where you'd be a great fit
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I never imagined it would be so easy, fast and effortless to find an awesome job. After a quick profile setup, I was soon flooded with opportunities to chat to amazing companies! Super simple, yet super effective. I’d definitely recommend it to all of my friends. Thank you OfferZen for being so awesome ❤️ Cait Pringle | Software Engineer at Luno
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