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OfferZen Updates: Top Insights: Talking Culture with Tech CEOs
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Top Insights: Talking Culture with Tech CEOs

25 September 2019, by Candice Grobler

A good company culture can be your most powerful tool in succeeding as a business, or as an individual in the tech space. Since we invest too much time into our careers to spend it in an environment that doesn’t allow us to do what we are passionate about, it is important to remember how each person can contribute towards the company’s culture.


At our latest event ‘The Future of Work: Sparking an Innovative Culture’ we spoke to Quraish Behari, the CEO of Derivco, and Alexandria Procter, CEO and Co-founder of DigsConnect.com about how they nurture the culture at their companies. Check out the top insights from the evening below, or watch the video:

You can also listen to the discussion in our podcast:

Top insights from our speakers on…

How culture needs to consistently inform your actions

  • If you don’t address every decision you’re making by considering culture, I don’t think you’re going to make the best decisions. - Quraish
  • We, as founders, set the standard of what is to be expected. We have to lead by example and communicate the same thing consistently, at every opportunity. - Alexandria and Quraish

Contributing to your company’s culture

  • It’s people not profits that make companies successful. And if you’re not going to have fun with it, it’s pointless. - Quraish
  • You have to operate as if you are the owner of the business you’re working at. I’d advise you to be brave enough to get into the practice of continually looking for things to improve. You are the owner of that organisation. You’re dedicating your life to being somewhere, so make it the place you want to be or find a company where you can. - Quraish
  • It comes down to passion and being completely authentic. If you believe that the mission is your calling, that excitement and passion will tell you that it’s the right place for you. - Alexandria

Being part of something bigger than yourself

  • When you need help and know where to find it, and when you’re trying to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself, it feels great. We need to create a situation or environment that allows that feeling to keep growing - that’s what makes a good culture! - Quraish
  • Millennials want more than to spend their whole life working. You have to really believe the work you’re doing is super valuable. That’s how we keep our culture good, by communicating our mission and it’s value really well. - Alexandria

If you’re looking to deep-dive even further into these insights, check out the abridged Q&A!

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