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DigsConnect.com started as a side-project while the founders were still at university, as a solution to their own problem of finding good student accommodation close to campus. Since then it's grown to list 70 000 beds on the platform (in 13 months) with monthly user growth of between 46% to 217%. Landlords list their accommodation on DigsConnect.com, and students go on, find that accommodation, and contact the landlord directly.

We also work with universities, TVETs, private colleges and government (local) as their off-campus housing partner. Working with the higher education institutes is key for us, as the long term goal is to create a student ecosystem, providing every service to students outside the gates of the university.

We've got incredible investors that have given us the rocket fuel to keep our growth strong, as we capture the entire market in South Africa, and then expand internationally. We're a tight-knit, enthusiastic, intelligent, ambitious and highly energetic team, and we have a lot of fun. There's loads of banter and joking in the office, and we have a culture of positivity, inclusion and celebrating every success. We're doing this because we love it, and we want to enjoy every day of our work with awesome people.

We use the latest web technologies and love experimenting with new processes and ideas. Our hiring process generally involves a first coffee meeting, and then following that you'll spend a couple days (3 to 5) in office with us so you can get a feel for us and visa verse. If you're stoked with us, the tech and the company, and we feel the same way, we'll have a meeting to discuss a way forward and make a permanent offer!

As a startup, we're a small, high-performance team, and you'll be given a lot of responsibility in your role and expected to work autonomously. That being said, company culture is v. important for us, and we plan ahead to ensure that everyone has enough time to complete tasks. Our team is supportive, hilarious and loads of fun, so you'll be in for the ride of your life. You'll also shape our product team culture and have a say in the business decisions, so if you're looking for first hand experience in shaping the future of one of the country's fastest-growing startups, this is the place to be. It's like two years of an MBA in a couple of months. Our banter is quite hectic TBH, so you'll need to be able to take (and make) a joke.

Check out our fb and insta for posts and pictures of our activities and the team :)

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DigsConnect wins "top 5 most exciting startups in Africa"