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Tech Career Insights: 8 proven strategies to promote employee wellbeing and retain developer talent
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8 proven strategies to promote employee wellbeing and retain developer talent

11 August 2023, by Chris Booth

Poor management and a poor work-life balance remain two of the top three reasons developers leave a role in both South Africa and Europe. Creating a work environment that promotes employee wellbeing helps to improve productivity and happiness. It can also retain your best talent. We’ve put together some articles that give guidance on how companies can best support their developer teams, ultimately boosting morale, productivity, and overall retention.


How to build a strong foundation to combat burnout in your development team

Burnout is a real threat to developers in the software industry. It can impact a developer’s performance and often has a knock-on effect on the rest of the team. In this article, Karin Bothma talks about how OfferZen is combatting the risk of burnout by building stronger teams through technical practices, process improvements and cultural changes.

The DX Toolbox: 4 strategies for driving developer excellence at OfferZen

Collecting qualitative data on your team’s developer experience (DX) is a great way to understand your developers and give them a voice. This can help inform your practices, processes and tools, leading to fewer developer pain points and improved productivity.

Here Kyle Gani talks about four strategies we utilise at OfferZen to collect qualitative data from developers, including continuous feedback, a developer survey, developer catch-ups, and team feedback.

Top strategies to promote work-life balance and retain your developer talent

A good work-life balance is an important factor in retaining developers. Human Resources and Diversity & Inclusion professional Sophie Theen talks about how driving a wellbeing and balanced culture from the top down can help attract and retain developers, thus preventing burnout. She also discusses practical strategies to build a healthy company culture for all employees.

How You Can Boost Morale and Motivation in Your Tech Team

Highly motivated tech teams with great morale and a sense of value are more resilient against burnout and stress. Vice President of Custom Development at EPI-USE Labs, Jaco Prinsloo, shares how giving developers a certain level of autonomy, maintaining a ‘flat’ company structure, and trusting your team members can boost morale and improve performance.

The data is out: How to retain developers during a tech hiring slowdown

During a tech hiring slowdown, it’s even more important to find ways to retain your best developers. With hiring budgets shrinking, it becomes harder to find new members, which ultimately impacts your bottom line.

This article covers four strategies you can use to make sure you keep your developer talent: Promoting a good work-life balance, providing your team with growth opportunities, creating a great company culture, and providing good management.

Essential well-being benefits to offer your employees

Keeping your employees engaged and happy can also be achieved by offering benefits that promote health and wellbeing. Here we explore essential benefits companies like Entersekt, TIH, and Bash.com provide their employees and the resulting positive effects.

These benefits include such things as Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs), wellness incentives, flexible work options and growth opportunities.

How Iress Built Systems to Encourage Connection and Recognition Remotely

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become more and more ubiquitous, especially for tech teams. While this is great in certain respects, remote work can lead to a sense of isolation and a perceived lack of support.

By promoting connectivity and recognition of employees, we can reduce the negative effects of remote work on employee wellbeing. This article covers how Iress stays connected as a remote team, supports their team leaders, and recognises achievements remotely.

3 Ways to Prioritise ‘Humanness’ When Onboarding Team Members Remotely

Onboarding can be a scary time for new employees, especially in remote setups. Maintaining a level of ‘humanness’ can help make the onboarding process a lot smoother and result in new employees settling into teams a lot quicker and thriving in their roles.

This article covers the best ways to onboard remotely with empathy, including how to acknowledge burnout before it becomes a problem, trust each other, and understand that everyone thrives differently.

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