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Announcing: Unlimited hiring subscriptions

19 June 2023 , by Philip Joubert

We’re officially launching a new pricing model: Unlimited hiring subscriptions. Going forward, companies will be able to make unlimited hires throughout the year on OfferZen – for a flat fee.

This is a big change, and one that we believe will ultimately benefit both employers and developers. In this article, I’ll unpack some of the thinking behind this move.


Since 2016, our primary pricing model has been pay-per-hire, where companies paid a 12.5% fee on every hire made with us. In OfferZen’s early stages, this made a lot of sense: It gave us the opportunity to work with a wide variety of companies and learn what worked for our business, product, and market.

There are, however, a few downsides with our pay-per-hire model. The main one being that, as the name implies, customers pay for each hire they make. The result is that some customers use OfferZen less than they otherwise would because they’re trying to avoid the fee.

We set out to develop a pricing model that makes sense for us and that would lead to companies using us for all their technical hires. And so, Unlimited was created.

We’ve been testing the Unlimited model with a small group of customers for the past nine months and it’s worked out so well that we’re now rolling it out to everyone. In time we will be sunsetting our pay-per-hire models and subscriptions will become the primary way to hire with OfferZen.

Unlimited hiring subscriptions work as follows:

  • Companies pay a fixed fee for a subscription that lets them make an unlimited number of hires for 12 months.
  • This means companies can use OfferZen for all their technical hires throughout their subscription.
  • Pricing of a subscription is customised based on company size and will cater for startups, enterprises, and everyone in between. Our team will work with companies to ensure they get a pricing option that is sensible for their business.
  • Companies can also choose between annual or monthly billing cycles.

You might be wondering how this model makes financial sense for us as a business. Unlike a traditional recruitment firm, our cost per placement decreases considerably as we grow the number of active companies and candidates on the platform. So, even though our revenue per placement will go down, we’ll end up making more placements and still growing revenue.

In addition, this move to Unlimited also aligns with our long term vision of how we want to partner with companies in their hiring.

A few of the benefits offered by unlimited subscriptions include:

  • A committed partnership: With unlimited hiring subscriptions, we partner with companies throughout the year, which lets us better support them with their hiring goals.
  • A better OfferZen product: Subscriptions also allow us to more deeply understand the feedback of long-term customers and build the kind of product that serves their needs.
  • Greater return on investment: Companies will have the flexibility to make as many hires as they need for a flat fee.
  • A simpler budgeting experience: A flat fee eliminates the need for ongoing budget approvals and red tape.
  • A wider range of job opportunities for developers: Companies making multiple hires on OfferZen offer more diversity in the opportunities for developers. This in turn creates a dynamic environment where developers can find the right fit, and continue to choose OfferZen as their job-seeking tool of choice.

We’re immensely grateful to everyone that has trusted us with their hiring over the last few years – and are excited for the next chapter ahead!

You can learn more about unlimited subscriptions here and if you’re ready to start making unlimited hires, you can sign up here.

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