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We’re all busy making choices. Whether that’s deciding what to watch, what to do, what to experience or what to buy. Our choices are at the centre of our worlds.

Like it or not, our finances shape some of our decisions. So when it comes to shopping, having the flexibility to buy now and pay by instalments means we’re freer than ever to make these choices when it suits us. Add in no interest, no fees and a few perks and life’s just become that little bit more ‘us-shaped’.

That’s why we created Zilch – to give everybody a little bit more of the most precious commodity we have: the convenience of time.

Why Work For Us

This organising principle follows through into our technology choices and systems as well. We've built our systems entirely in the cloud, making use of DevSecOps techniques for automation and infrastructure as code to ensure that our developers spend time crafting brilliant code, not supporting snowflake servers. We make pragmatic choices that work, while experimenting with new technology that could be a game changer.

We're passionate about technology, and have some incredible skills both in our team and our partners. This position will be a fantastic opportunity to expand and enrich your skills in a supportive and exciting environment. Best of all, being one of the first hires will put you in a prime position to shape the technology choices and practices of a company your friends will be talking about within a year.

Our Culture

We're a young, dynamic company with strong and experienced leadership. We're professional, and driven to add on to our high performing team. We still ensure we have time to have fun, and celebrate success. Zilch puts customer value front and centre of everything we do, we have a strong focus on ethical lending and and ethical approach to business is core to what we do.

Our Engineering Processes

Engineering is critical to everything we do. We're born in the cloud, and run on AWS, making heavy use of SaaS and PaaS capabilities. Our systems are engineered to use micro services, pervasive monitoring, and continuous compliance. We use automated deployments of application logic and infrastructure via Infrastructure as Code.

We're building out a tech hub in Johannesburg that will be the core of our development and operations. We have awesome local partners with great skills who will help set up and support the Johannesburg office, and our London team will always be available to mentor and coach.

Our Hiring Process

  1. We say "hi" via OfferZen
  2. We have a quick (15 mins) call where we find out a bit about what makes you tick, and you find out a bit more about us.
  3. We send you an online tech test for you to do (approx 90 mins).
  4. You create a "portfolio" piece of demonstration work that demonstrates what you're passionate about and how you'd love to do things (max 2 hours)
  5. We have a sit down interview where we walk through your portfolio work, your experience, our business and systems (90 mins).
  6. You meet the rest of the team (15 mins) via video conference.
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Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Amazon VPC
Spring Framework


Octopus Deploy


Amazon Route 53
Google Analytics

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