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Yellow's purpose is to make life better for people in Africa. Through a digital technology platform, Yellow enables a distributed network of sales agents to serve rural households with life-changing products and services.

What We Do

We sell consumer durables like pay-as-you-go solar home systems to low income households without access to energy, finance or opportunities.

How We Do It

We have built an online platform to manage any and all operational tasks executed by our on the ground operations teams in Malawi and Uganda as well as the network of agents whom they support, spread out across rural areas.

Why Work For Us

There are only a handful of companies who choose to serve our customers. The rest are missing out. Our customer base is young, growing and are becoming increasingly connected and relevant in the global market. They're looking for the brands that will help them to move up the income ladder and create a better life for their families and future generations.

Work for us if you are keen on building a long term business which will play a meaningful role in the future of our continent.

Our Culture

We focus on integrity. We focus on work ethic and commitment to our purpose. We focus on building robust and resilient processes and data infrastructure rather than on short term outcomes.

We love the opportunity that Yellow gives us to build bonds and work with people from the entire income spectrum, and we love the opportunity it affords us to to go on road trips to the naturally beautfiul parts of our continent.

Our Hiring Process

  1. 15 minute intro chat
  2. Case Study (Commercial & Dev)
  3. 30 - 45 minute interview
  4. In-person Group Interview
  5. We make you an offer
Travel opportunities to 4 African countries
Hybrid Work
Exponential career growth
Leadership opportunities
Be part of one of the fastest growing Fintech start-ups
Tech Stack

Application and Data