About Yebo Fresh



7 Boston Circle, Airport Industria, Cape Town

Company Size


What We Do

We're a startup passionate about grocery shopping on a mission of making quality food more easily accessible to South Africa's Townships

Why Work For Us

Get in at the ground floor with a company with an established traction but a BIG vision.

Our Engineering Culture

We like working with people:

  • Who care about people, particularly the financially poor and marginalised in South Africa
  • That value teamwork and collaboration over ego-boosting solo wins
  • That enjoy shipping finished work regularly
  • Who believe there's more to work than the paycheck
  • Like taking the time to make complex things simple
  • Who understand that tests make them a better engineer
  • That understand the "getting things done" dynamic

Our Engineering Processes

We're huge fans of jobs-to-be-done... that's the starting point, not feature dev.

We like prototypes... saves many days of building the wrong thing.

We love tests... it frees the mind when refactoring (because who gets it right first time?).

We want to get it live ASAP ... so we can get feedback and iterate, but it's got to be minimum loveable, not minimum viable!

Our Hiring Process

Your communication skills and forward leaning outlook on life will be more critical to joining Yebo Fresh than a university degree. We want to see your skills in action, talk and understand you, that'll help us both make great decisions about a future together.

Remote Work anywhere in SA
No dress code
We provide Hardware/Software
Tech Stack

Application and Data