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Tygervalley Chambers 5, 21 Willie van Schoor Ave, Tygervalley

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What we do

XIB is a software development house based in Cape Town (Century City) that focuses on intranet Web Application and Enterprise Integration Services development using the Java stack of technologies.

We have decade’s worth of experience in successfully developing and supporting quality integration software for large enterprise clients, quickly and completely. We apply long-term thinking to everything we do so our solutions are sustainable and enduring, which is why companies like Vodacom choose to work with us. Our experience and services include:
• Outsourced Development
• Integration and Middleware
• Web Applications
• Application Support
• Manual and Automated Testing
• Consultation and Mentoring

Our solutions safeguard existing IT infrastructure and investment by ensuring that evolving businesses needs are met promptly and efficiently.

XIB is a pragmatic solution driven company. This approach is part of our DNA and permeates everything we do.
We keep the technologies we work with fresh, but strive to keep the technical environment stable. We work on a variety of projects which makes the work interesting.

Why Work For Us

Over the last decade the XIB founders have built a reputation amongst their clients as top caliber software engineers with a legendary reputation for developing and supporting sustainable and enduring enterprise integration software.

Working alongside these legends of their industry will afford you many opportunities for personal growth and learning as you bring your own skills and traits to our hub of specialised skills.

If you want to be part of an amazing team, doing meaningful work, this is the right place for you
We value our employees and consider each one an asset to our company.

Our goal is to excel at delivering outstanding services to our clients, something they already value and respect. We are serious about a delighted customer!

The XIB team usually works from our offices at Tygervalley Chambers 5 or from our client offices in Century City, as their role or work situation demands. Either way you are very close shopping malls such as Tygervalley or Canal Walk and a variety of other amenities.

Our Culture

We are not a start-up any more but we still have a small company culture. Things happen easily and quickly with very little red-tape. Our enterprise clients expect disciplined work ethic focused on excellent service and delivery, something that we excel at..
People that thrive in XIB are self-starters that take initiative and don’t wait for work to come their way, but step into the gaps in front of them.

Our Engineering Processes

We follow our own adapted Agile process.
This can be best described as an iterative and incremental software development methodology that is a custom implementation which comprises feature estimation, iteration planning, effort velocity, release planning and iteration progress. We have evolved this process over the years and it borrows from various agile methodologies like Extreme Programming, Feature Driven Development, Lean, Kanban and Scrum to name a few. We believe that we have the right approach to facilitate a focused, practical process that can scale to adjust to projects, big or small.

We do not believe in micro-management and unnecessary management layers, you are the expert and know what is best, just get on with it!

Our Hiring Process

Awesome technical skills are only part of what we need. Effectively contributing to your team and the rest of the organisation is key. Self-starters that take initiative and don’t wait for work to come their way, thrive in XIB.

In the first interview, we need to understand your technical abilities and what your strengths and growth objectives are. You need to understand who we are, what we do and what the role expectations are.

We try to cover all the above in one interview, but sometimes it does require a 2nd discussion to ensure that we both have a comprehensive picture before we make the important commitment to a future working relationship.

To summarise, our interviews cover these topics

• Get to know you and for you to get to know us
• Technical interview based on your achievements

Office shutdown over christmas
Casual dress code
Flexible work schedules
Work on great projects
Tuition assistance
Loads of growth potential
Free refreshments
Close to a variety of amenities, shopping centers, gyms,....etc.
Working with awesome people
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Spring Framework



Business Tools

Serious teamwork
Strained zip lining emotions
Our own fashion show
Some entertainment with the client
Intense zip lining prep
Xhanti providing the excuse for a social
The champs - just because the other teams photo was a mess

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