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26 Charles de Gaulle Crescent, Highveld Park, Pretoria

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What we do

Willcom has 2 lines of business: One portion of the company is dedicated to delivering optimised networks and security solutions. We are passionate about precision test and measurement solutions, GPON FTTX, optical transport and performance equipment to mobile, ISPs and fixed-line service provides. We deliver services throughout South Africa. We collaborate with various leading OEM providers of highly specialised equipment, microelectronic solutions and optical transport such as DWDM and SDN solutions. Through this affiliation, coupled with our own expertise in the telecommunications industry, sanctions our ability to deliver the best in specialised equipment and innovative technologies.

Our 2nd line of business is new product development: Willcom is working towards becoming its own OEM. We have several products in development and at the rollout stages. These products include software development and physical device development. We have a team of electric engineers, SW devs and backend architects who work together to develop and deploy these products. The products include an end-to-end, reinvention of how to do secure access at estates, highrises and commercial parks; automated network node discovery and base configuration, electrostatic discharge testers and R&D into early warning intruder detection and other hush-hush proprietary products.

Both revenue streams offer exciting opportunities and boundless growth potential.

Why Work For Us

Willcom is has been around since 2003. It is a well-resourced team with a strong position in the market, which is particularly beneficial in light of current uncertainty. You will be exposed to many different technologies, have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and even use that knowledge to spruce up your home with your own Raspberry Pi and IOT project :-) You would not be the first one to enhance his home with what you learnt at work.

Our Culture

  • Willcom, at its core, was built on big-thinking, bet-the-farm risk-takers.
  • We can accomplish infinitely more together than apart
  • We take on the challenges that others are not
  • We lead the way with generosity We are contributors and not consumers

Our Engineering Processes

We use an iterative agile approach based on minimum viable product iterations and objective key results. Collaboration with the customer, even from the engineers, is a key to the successful delivery of products and services. We promote craftsmanship, bug-free code and continuous improvement. Many other methods form part of the engineering process to develop highly scalable and maintainable enterprise solutions.

Our Hiring Process

You can expect two interactions, one would be with the HR department and that includes a psychometric test [nothing scary]. The second interaction will be with the heads of the departments who will benefit from your contribution. That will include a discussion on technology, previous experience and provide an opportunity to determine what direction you would like your career to take.

-- You do not have to do any whiteboard pseudo code, or other programming tests --

For us, it is important to find a person with a good attitude, valuable team player instincts and a willingness to learn / contribute / take ownership. Experience is only built through opportunity and at Willcom we rise to the occasion.

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