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WastePlan Western Cape Avanti Building, South Block, Third Floor, Carl Cronje drive, Tyger Falls, Bellville, Western Cape 7563, ZA

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About us:
WastePlan is on-site waste management and recycling service provider that specializes in the reduction of waste to landfill. We currently manage residential recycling collections in selected areas of Cape Town, and service over 700 commercial, retail and industrial clients all over the country.

We have a total staff compliment of around 2 400 employees scattered all over the country, and we rely on technological innovation and systems to automate and effectively and efficiently govern our organization.

Our vision is to impact South Africa's economy and society by empowering our employees and the poorest in our country, through various initiatives such as creation and supporting of existing education initiatives, upskilling of our staff and more.

Where most companies are governed by profit and return on investment for investors, we are governed by our values and everything we do must contribute to our vision in some way.

In order to deliver on our vision and our reason for existing, we have transferred ownership of 51% of our holding company's shares to a non-profit company focused on eradicating socio-economic inequality.

Our values
Our organization is driven by 5 values, which we see as our guiding principles.

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Fairness
  • Family

Why choose WastePlan?
We are a fast-growing company offering plenty of growth opportunities, and a work-from-home setup with flexible time. We're guided by our values, from Director level down to our lowest level of staff.

The environment we offer is one of collaboration and team spirit, where we look out for each other, achieve our goals as a team and recognize each other's efforts and contributions. Picture a corporate environment, and assume we're close to the opposite.

You'd be joining our Systems department, which consists of 4 developers and 7 people focused on the roll-out, training, support and integration of the processes and applications you develop.

The most convincing fact we can give you to illustrate the culture in our team, is that in the last 10 years we only had one person voluntarily leave the team to look for greener pastures.

What we are looking for
We are an operations-driven company, and we expect our developers to do quite a bit more than simply receiving a scope and writing the magic. We offer a very different environment than your regular development agency would, and we try to attract the type of talent that would thrive and stay in that environment for years to come.

We expect our developers to take complete ownership of projects, and for some projects that means doing some testing, communication with our internal clients or working alongside users to figure out where our applications' pain points and bugs are. Supporting and bug-fixing projects you completed or took over will be part of the day-to-day duties.

In order for a developer to be successful in our organization, he/she needs to have a good understanding of what our colleagues in the field are up to and what each department's duties more or less consist of. We understand that takes time, and we generally see that learning curve to last for about 6 months. We therefore try to limit appointments to people who are likely to stick with us for a few years.

- 2+ years experience in Ionic, Javascript, PHP and SQL
- Ability to quickly learn new frameworks and concepts
- Ability to complete a project on your own from start to finish (with a reasonable amount of assistance)

Any experience with regards to financial, operational or logistical processes or integrations will be a bonus.

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