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Amsterdam, NL

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Vimbu brings tech to an industry that is still run by thousands of small uncompetitive businesses.
This is the ski / snowboard lesson industry. The current ski school system is outdated and is an inconvenience for any new skier. In fact, it hasn’t changed in the past 50 years. 
A ski lesson costs around 70€ / hour, while the instructor only makes 15€ / hour.

We're building a team of developers at Vimbu, a new tech startup focusing on providing ski and snowboard instructor services worldwide all from one place, your mobile phone. Vimbu will launch as both a Mobile / Web app.

We plan on commencing the development stage in March with the MVP ETA being split into two segments, one launching in August and one in November.

Available positions:

Full-Stack Developer x4

Senior Software Engineer x1

We're looking for enthusiastic people willing to join a fast paced startup with more responsibilities and freedom than in the typical 9-5 stable corporate job.
You'll be part of a small but motivated team with an extremely high amount of room for personal growth in the company. Experience in mobile application development is highly regarded and additional skills making you a well rounded developer are also very much appreciated.

Team ski trips.
Snacks and Drinks.
Flexible hours.
Tech Stack

Application and Data

AWS Amplify


Google Analytics

Business Tools

Google Apps

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