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We're building out platforms, frameworks and integrations to help businesses improve how they work, and how they bring together their existing IT landscape.

Our approach is pragmatic and customer-driven. Right now, this means that:

  • We engage with our existing and new customers to deeply understand their domain and problem.
  • By looking across multiple customer problems, we find the common capabilities that are needed and build these into our platform and frameworks.
  • Our customer delivery teams then use these common capabilities, as well as building any domain- or customer-specific capabilities, to deliver a customer solution.
  • We’re in this for the long term; we sell our technology and customer solutions on a SaaS basis, and expect to increasingly form a key part of how our customers work.

Of course, we want to be ahead of what customers need before we talk to them, but no so far ahead that what we have won’t be used for years! Basically: build runway, not too much, mostly in the right direction.

Our philosophy is:

  • Use well-establish BPMN, CMMN and DMN concepts to orchestrate and encompass business logic, user interactions as well as system to system integrations
  • Be agnostic about what form these integrations can take. This means we’ll do direct integrations, use integration platforms or busses, or even technology like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to talk to a businesses existing IT landscape or allow them to integrate up or down their supply chain.
  • Bring consumer-level fit and finish and depth of engineering to the enterprise, which is typically used to much poorer quality at a much higher price.
  • Once we’ve delivered the ability to better manage some or all parts of our customer business, we’ll keep looking for ways to use newer automation techniques including ML/DL — but we don’t start there.

Although we’re still small and relatively young as a business, our customer-driven approach means we are cashflow-positive already; this is not a “build it and they will come” venture. We have product-market fit already!

It’s worth stressing again that we’re a solutions company; we see our tech and our deep understanding (not to mention love!) of tech as a key enabler and differentiator to enable us to deliver customer solutions.

Our partner in this venture is Xpertek Contact, an established business that’s part of the BBD Group.

Why Work For Us

If you’re interested in software engineering (as opposed to software as art), and see tech as an enabler and not an end in itself, you’re someone we want to talk to. Our long-term vision is to massively improve the quality of work life for the people at the coalface in our customer environments; this is an area that hasn’t gotten the right kind of focus from large enterprise software businesses, and we think the global opportunity here is large.

We intend to expand our sales and marketing efforts into Europe and the UK within the next 12 months, which will put a lot of pressure on the engineering team to deliver solid, foundational engineering on the common capabilities whilst enabling delivery teams to work efficiently on what drives them — customer value.

This means there’s lots of scope to grow and over time specialise in areas that both motivate you and interest us.

Our Culture

We’re still small enough that you’ll have a big impact on our culture! The founders have worked together for over 25 years, and we challenge each other’s ideas and encourage others to challenge ours, while always respecting each other as people. We encourage work-life balance, and having interests and friends that are outside of the workplace. We want you to take breaks where you switch off completely from work, and reflect this in our generous leave allowance.

Our culture also encourages recognition of both good work and kindness, as well as being able to stand up and say “I was wrong” or even “I’m sorry.” But frankly, this is easy to say and harder to do — so we encourage you to talk to us and test on this, and to lead and espouse the culture we want.

Our Engineering Processes

We like agile (scrum), but we also believe in sufficient up front design and architecture to minimise waste.

We align our customers to agile too, so that we’re not pretending our projects are waterfall to them while trying to practise agile in the engineering team — that way lies madness.

We’re using Jira to manage our projects, Bitbucket with git for source control, and CI/CD, but frankly we need more hands on deck to get this right.

We also need more unit testing and integration testing to pull into the CI/CD pipeline; another area where we need to focus.

Typically, we run a Discovery phase for each new client project, and then build a backlog and an initial sprint plan thereafter; this is also the point where we look at what we need to do from a core platform point of view vs customer-specific delivery, and plan appropriately.

We’ll run one or more projects for core platform delivery as well as a project or stream per customer project; this takes a bit of co-ordination to get right.

Our Hiring Process

Our process is:

  • An initial “fit” interview (15 minutes or so) to establish mutual interest. If there is, great — we continue. If not, you’ve only lost a few minutes of your time.
  • A followup technical interview with our CTO/engineering lead, typically an hour or so.
  • We may want you to do a technical test, but this may not be necessary if you can send us code for previous projects or point us to examples of your work online.
  • We’ll do a longer not-only-technical session where we discuss long-time prospects, career goals, compensation and benefits, and so on.
  • Finally we’ll make you a formal offer for your consideration.

We can typically do all of this quite quickly — within a couple of days. Our view is that we’re interviewing each other — as much as we want to know more about you, you’ll also want to know more about us. So an investment of a couple of hours up front is worthwhile.

Flexible hours
Your choice of workstation
Work remote, in office or combination
Allowance for BYOD if preferred
Generous leave
Learning from experienced colleagues
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