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Some say "a consultancy firm in social security law".

Others say "a club that realizes savings for you".

We especially think it is great to develop a platform that absorbs and spits out all kinds of data streams in the form of complex calculation tools, savings options and automated follow-up.

We do this together with our partners such as Aon, de Goudse insurance and the Quoratio Group. Our clientele includes listed and world-renowned companies, but you can also find the local bakery on the corner.

A small organization in The Hague, founded in 2011, growing into a mature organization and market leader within the world of social legislation and regulations. An organization with loyal employees who have been around for a long time and new talents.

What binds us? The continuous urge to get the best out of social legislation and regulations for our customers, with passion and perseverance. We work every day to provide employers with more insight into the benefits of social legislation and regulations. Because often this is not yet taken full advantage of. All those complex rules and legislative changes make it a complicated matter that our specialists map out clearly. So that maximum benefit is achieved!

Companies want to create added value for society, work more efficiently and save costs. Our platform VCSW Digitaal helps with this in the field of social security law.

Are you enthusiastic about continuous innovation and the associated changes? Do you want to work within a small, committed organization where you can still make an impact and which is a market leader in the field of social security law? And do you have the skills to take our product and our developers to a higher level?

Working at VCSW

Working at VCSW means building a fast-growing company together. And not just any company!

We distinguish ourselves through an unprecedented culture in which we inspire each other, complement each other and achieve even greater achievements together.

VCSW is an open and enthusiastic organization in which initiative and the provision of good ideas are highly appreciated. Because together we go further.

A lot is therefore invested in development. Of our people, our working method and our products. And don't forget the customer experience. Because they are who we do it all for. We are passionate about providing them with insight into the complex grey matter of social legislation. We map out possibilities and identify inaccuracies.

VCSW currently consists of 25 colleagues. The current IT team consists of 4 colleagues, which we will expand to at least 10 colleagues this year. They are characterized by their eagerness to learn, analytical skills and technical background.

50/50 Pension scheme
Telephone allowance & travel allowance
Option to follow technical and soft skills training and education
8% holiday pay and 24 vacation days with the option to buy an additional 10 days
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