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4 Wandel Street, Dunkley Square, Gardens, Cape Town

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Valenture is an exciting new start-up in the online education space. Our mission is to evolve what it means to “go” to school by transforming physical limitations into digital opportunities. We do this by providing students worldwide with a fully supported, global online high school experience, steeped in academic excellence and rooted in sustainable practices. We believe in providing more than just a quality online education – we’re dedicated to building and empowering a purpose-driven, global student body and equipping them to make the best of both their individual and collective futures.

Join us as we design and deliver an innovative online schooling experience that provides the academic rigor needed to prepare students for University, while offering them the chance to contribute meaningfully to designing a better world. You’ll form part of a team of impassioned and experienced edtech professionals with a proven track record of leading successful online education initiatives.

We’re a team committed to building a better future for ourselves, our students and society at large.

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