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About Utilifeed

Utilifeed is a young innovative company located in Gothenburg, Sweden, that provides cloud based services (SAAS) for utilities and their customers. Our solutions combine industrial expertise with modern IT-infrastructure and data analysis, creating user-friendly but powerful tools which enable increased resource utilisation, improved customer relations and reduced environmental footprint. We are passionate about using the latest technology within digital and energy systems to tailor solutions that empower the sustainable energy systems of tomorrow.

Grow with us

We have room for a wide range of skills and personalities. Multidisciplinary innovation is in the core of what we do. Our belief is that you only can build something great if you dare to think about how things would work if you build it from the ground up with the latest technology and a fresh view of the future.

This is the perspective we use when we develop our digital platform for energy companies. Our services support the current state of utilities while building a bridge to a future smarter energy society. Working at Utilifeed means that you will get the opportunity to apply the latest technology and findings within your field of expertise in some of the most exciting sectors of today, digital services and energy.

Innovative Culture

Successful innovation takes more than creative thinking and bravery. You also have to be highly skilled and disciplined. We encourage trying out solutions and approaches to problems that haven’t been applied before in our domain. Through an honest, respectful and supportive culture we collectively manage this balance, while at the same time taking ownership of tasks at an individual level.

A job is more than work

Wouldn’t it be nice if your job was good for both body and mind? That’s the kind of work environment we are trying to build. Our Wednesday morning training is one example. It’s the perfect energy boost and good way to enjoy social time with colleagues. Our professional trainer makes sure everyone get their personalized training advice. No resting gym card health benefits here, we actually make training happen :-).

Working at Utilifeed means that your job will become more like an adventure than what you would expect from many other employers. Utilifeed is still in an early phase, which means that we constantly learn along the way and on a daily basis takes decisions that forms the future of our business. This is one of the most exciting aspects of building a business from scratch but it’s also one of the most challenging. Are you ambitious and development oriented this could be the perfect place for you.

What we offer:

  • Stimulating and flexible work environment

The reason for working is achieving results and pushing our company, team and customers in a positive direction. As long as this focus holds, work hours and place of work become practical questions. We are working with people from around the world so our company is designed to make working remotely efficient. however, we see big advantages in physically meeting our colleagues.

You will always be close to decisions and gain insights into all aspects of our business. Contributions are welcomed.

Our products and offerings are under constant development in close collaboration with our customers. Understanding our customers needs and contexts in relation to our services value creation is a focus we all need to share.

  • A social work place

Group training with our PT and “fredagsfika” (eating sweet stuff often made up of sugar fat and flour) is our fixed weekly social activities.

We’ve had a lot of success lately and we do celebrate them.

After works are always welcome, but there’s no schedule for this.

  • Room for development and growth

Being curious and constantly learning new things is what brought us to where we are today. This orientation is one important aspect that keeps us together as a team.

5 weeks paid vacation per year
We are positive to financial incentives as part of salary, e.g. employee options.
Competitive monthly salary.
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