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What we do

We develop and operate a software platform that makes solar project development easy. Unifii offers a host of services via its application features by connecting various stakeholders in the solar project development value chain.

Why Work For Us

Come work for us if you are a "trend-setter", someone not afraid to challenge the status-quo, someone who likes their opinions to be heard and acted upon, and someone who is not only open to learning but also open to teaching.

Our Culture

We are not here for the salary only, we like what we do. We do what it takes to get the job done. We deliver quality products. We don't hide away behind titles. We are a fully remote working / virtual team. That does not mean we work alone, we use all the online tools at our disposal to ensure we work collaboratively. We successfully pair and mob online to ensure we produce best quality results.

Our Engineering Processes

We follow an Agile methodology with the focus of zero waste. Everything we do should have a purpose and add value. We commit as a team and deliver as a team. Software development is an iterative process and we validate the requirements frequently by demonstrating our progress to ensure we are delivering value-added features.

Our Hiring Process

We want to make sure we gel and that you are comfortable with us and we are comfortable with you. It will be a waste of valuable time if you leave within 3 years of joining us. 2-3 meetings depending on who you meet.

  1. You will meet with the CTO and / or the Technical Lead. We will ask you to perform a very simple debug scenario test and a "design-an-ERD-scenario-test".
  2. A second meeting with another team member or the Technical Lead if you have not met with him already.
  3. Finally, we could ask you to spend an hour or 2 (remotely using online tools) working with team to see what we do and how we work so that you can get a feel for us and we can get a better feel of what you know.
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Remote working. Work in your underpants.
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