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Cape Town, South Africa

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What we do

Ugu Engineering Solutions was founded in 2003 as a specialised retail energy management consultancy with aim of addressing the need for technology driven energy efficiency solutions to reduce costs within large energy consuming organizations. We are firm believers in the need for better energy efficiency awareness and implementation in business and look to leverage the power of technology to align corporate environmental and social sustainability with financial bottom lines. Our products include:

  • Cloud-based energy management software for monitoring, reporting and managing energy usage for enterprise level clients as well as equipment performance through IoT devices.
  • Automation systems for remotely controlling lighting and equipment in retail chains

Why Work For Us

Ugu is an award winning and mission driven company producing technology solutions for clients that are both environmentally and financially sustainable. Our clients are mainly large listed companies with a global footprint, and as an Ugu team member your work will contribute directly to producing measurable positive environmental impacts while at the same time enhancing our clients operational efficiencies.

Our Culture

Ugu Engineering Solutions is a small, client-centric team with a start-up mindset that prioritizes long-term relationship building with our clients through delivering exceptional products, services, and support. We strive to constantly improve and refine our products and services in line with our clients needs

Our Hiring Process

Potential candidates will undergo an initial interview with senior management to assess skills, experience and fit. This will be followed by a technical interview with the Software Development Lead and a final interview thereafter with the founder and CEO.

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