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1028 Clifton Ave

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What we do

We service mobile networks with a wide variety of solutions, including VAS (that's SMS, USSD, Data, DNS, Radius, Diameter, Sigtran, SS7). Related to this, we offer financial companies applications and interfaces to further extend their mobile presence into untapped mobile markets. We're involved in telemetry as well. Yes, the grand-parent of IoT.

Almost everything we do, we do on Linux as the base OS, running Java on top of that. Must know Linux to work at Truteq. You can run whatever you want on your desktop PC, as long as you can do your job effectively.

Why Work For Us

It's fun working here. We know, everybody says that. It's also challenging. You get to work with people from all over the world, integrating our solutions (the stuff you just programmed) into their networks, making things run faster on virtualised environments. Don't just deal with the code, but be part of the whole picture. Work with and optimize databases, load-balancers, servers and protocols.

Our Culture

Relaxed, sometimes jesting, braais on some Fridays, committed and serious. We work any problem until it's no longer one.

Our Engineering Processes

Structured and Agile. Depends on the client/the time period in which the solution has to be ready.

Our Hiring Process

Two-round interview. We meet you on the first round, discuss your interests, see how they can fit in with ours, answer any question you may have, give you a quick Fizz Buzz test (yeah, you can use Google during this) and a quick question that identifies how you approach problem-solving.

If we're impressed with you and you like us, we'll do a round two interview to iron out any niggling uncertainties from both sides.

Devs get cool dual-screen desktops.
Moderately relaxed work hours for if you need to avoid peak traffic periods
A legendary annual company breakaway (with the families).
All the tools you need to get your work done
Industrial coffee machine with freshly ground beans
Relaxed dress code - shorts and T-shirts if you're not going to have a meeting with client that day
Opportunity to travel
Safe parking
Financial assistance for studies
100Mbit fibre into the office building
Work with really smart, experienced and dedicated people.
Free soft drinks and water.
Tech Stack

Application and Data


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