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Growing up, Troygold founders Bastiat and Dane were instilled with the principles of free-market economics and the virtues of sound money, reading the likes of Mises, Hayek and Rothbard. Their experiences in New York's investment banking scene, and having seen both the wealth erosion and societal ills that money printing brought to their native South Africa, set them on a mission to create a platform that would change the way in which we secure our wealth.

After brief stints in investment banking, they set out on a journey into gold. They created a successful gold mining business in the goldfields of South Africa; learning about the metal from rockface to market.

In 2018, they launched Troygold with a single premise in mind: gold is money, and people should easily be able to save and spend it.

Fast-forward to today Troygold is now the world's first zero commissions physical precious metals platform - allowing anyone to buy, sell and store physical gold, silver and platinum easily, safely and frictionlessly. Developed with the latest financial technology, Troygold to offer users a digital metals account that competes with the traditional paper paper currencies of today.

The team at Troygold is a young, innovative team of people passionate about liberty and the responsibility to create a better world. We want to do good, to change the structural ills in today's fiat currency money systems, and to do as Steve Jobs said, 'dent the universe.'

Our Values


Create the future. We believe in pushing the boundaries by always finding new ways of overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles.


Freedom is everything. At our core, we defend the right for every person to decide their life and determine their path. Your life is your own, and no system should limit you or keep you down.


Change is constant. The ability to stay flexible and open to change is a non-negotiable. We stay resilient, never complacent.


We believe that everyone should have the right to protect their wealth & choose which money they prefer to use – the market mechanism of fair competition.

An extremely inclusive culture that puts emphasis on innovation and creativity
Continuous feedback is always welcomed. Employees have ownership and autonomy of work, and there is open communication including weekly all-hands meetings and learning lectures
Flexibility and Freedom: flexible hours to accommodate needs - value-driven culture
Equity Participation Plan: Incentivised team through stock option plan, where everyone enjoys the upside of value created
Create the world's first precious metals fintech unicorn company (someone's got to do it)
The infamous Troy poker games i.e we use gold
We thrive on insanely great coffee...
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