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299 Pendoring Office park, Blackheath, Randburg, JHB

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What we do

We have developed our own end-to-end truck management system focused on the side tipper market to be a one-stop solution for managing your trucking business from a single platform. We are developing hardware modules to tackle niche markets and to expand the product to allow for all business needs.

Why Work For Us

We are a vibrant team of highly skilled individuals all striving towards a company goal of taking our unique skills sets and combining them into our product.

  • Everyone works well together in the team in support of achieving our end goal

  • We also offer great growth opportunities with the ability to get involved with many areas of development and business strategy.

  • We are not corporate but have structure.  We are ambitious with motivated targets.

  • We are in a good space to utilize our core strengths to really grow the business into a legacy.

Our Culture

We have a very performance driven environment in which we work without micro managing anyone to create a not so formal corporate environment. We strive to bring out the best of everyone that is part of the team so that they can be upskilled and continually learning. We also like to have fun and have a few weekends away each year for some team building. We like to experience new things and try and top our previous best restaurant list for socialising. We also try and finish early on Fridays once the work for the week is done and cultivate a socializing environment in the office.

Our Engineering Processes

We follow an agile development process. Every morning a scrum is held to discuss the business of the day. The CTO delegates development task to the team leads after the scrum. The team leads then break the work up and delegates this to developers. It is the developers that are responsibility to code delivery and testing. Once delivered the code is complied into the bigger product and forms part of Friday testing before it is pushed to pilot servers. A week later once testing on pilot is successful it is push to production.

Our Hiring Process

  1. We first look for a skill set match.
  2. We then investigate experience and ability.
  3. We also look at qualifications.
  4. We then draw up a short list of candidates of about 5 to 10 applicants.
  5. We then have first level interviews.
  6. We then draw up a short list of 3.
  7. These candidates are then interviewed by CEO and CTO for technical ability and cultural fit.
  8. We then do background checks depending on recruiter.
  9. We then have a small test or view older code for coding style and function.
  10. Once all this has been done HR has an interview with candidate.
Continual up-skilling and learning
Team events, fun and building
Early Fridays
GREAT team culture
Tech Stack

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