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Titan Secure is on a mission to build a world-class tech team through OfferZen.

Titan Secure is committed to drive growth and innovation in the tech community.

More info on our mechanical lock.

Wondering what a mechanical engine lock or discreet panic button looks like? 💡 Check out this video where our Chief Mechanical Officer explains it all!

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What we do

At Titan Secure, we are at the forefront of developing a cutting-edge, multi-tiered vehicle security system. Our solution integrates a comprehensive array of mechanical, electrical, and technological security measures, offering an unrivaled level of vehicle protection. We work meticulously to ensure that our product delivers superior reliability and guarantees peace of mind for users seeking the highest level of security. This includes a focus on preventative measures, eliminating the need for recovery solutions by preventing theft and unauthorized movement in the first place.

Why Work For Us

Working at Titan Secure gives you an opportunity to be a part of an innovative, technology-driven organization. Our team is dedicated to creating solutions that enhance vehicle security and safety. Our employees are given opportunities to contribute in meaningful ways, to learn, grow, and make a significant impact on the evolution of our products and services. We offer competitive compensation, a supportive work environment, and the chance to work with a diverse team of passionate individuals.

Our Culture

Our culture at Titan Secure is one of innovation, collaboration, and ambition. We believe that great ideas can come from anyone, so we encourage an open, inclusive environment where everyone's voice is valued. We are committed to personal and professional development, and we aim to create a nurturing atmosphere where our team members can thrive and deliver their best work. Above all, we are a mission-driven organization, and everything we do is centered around our goal of delivering advanced and secure vehicle protection systems.

Our Engineering Processes

Our engineering process is systematic and focuses on constant improvement. We start with an ideation phase, during which we brainstorm and research, developing a comprehensive understanding of what we want to achieve. During the design phase, we consider every aspect of our product, working on specifications and detailing. Prototyping is next, where we create initial models and systems for testing. We have also developed a robust software framework, including a hybrid app for users and a web app for administrative purposes. Our testing phase is rigorous, ensuring our product meets the highest quality standards before it reaches our customers.

Our Hiring Process

Our hiring process at Titan Secure is designed to ensure a good fit for both the candidate and our company. We start with a review of applications, followed by initial video screenings. Candidates who progress beyond the initial screening are invited to interview with relevant team members, during which we focus not only on skills and experience but also on culture fit and alignment with our values. Depending on the role, we may also include a practical component to assess problem-solving capabilities. The final step is a formal offer of employment. Throughout the process, we aim to be as transparent and communicative as possible.

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First working hardware prototype test.