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What we do

Founders Rob Rawson and Liam Martin built the Time Doctor software in 2012. It was initially built out of their own need to work effectively with a remote team and to make sure there is trust and high levels of productivity in a remote team.

Our mission is to enable effective remote work and improve productivity in remote teams. We are able to communicate that to our over 85 employees in more than 31 countries worldwide as well as the thousands of businesses around the world that now use Time Doctor every day.

Why Work For Us

*The opportunity to work from home
*Flexible working hours
*The opportunity to work with an innovative and highly motivated team
*Paid time off
*The opportunity for professional development via training
*Corporate meet-up around the world

Our Culture

We love working remotely!
We have flexible work hours but we also make sure to be available to communicate with the rest of the team when needed.
We believe that working from home is as productive as working from an office.
We believe in constant improvement and training.

With Time Doctor Software you can:

  • Improve the speed and effectiveness of communication in organizations
  • Clearly organize, communicate and delegate their daily tasks
  • Reduce time spent on email, and other non-work related distractions
  • Ensure employees use their time effectively
  • Reduce time spent on everyday tasks, including commonly generated reports