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The Gemini Solution is an OfferZen partner committed to building a world-class tech team through OfferZen.

The Gemini Solution is invested in developing the South African tech community.

Hiring For Retention: Build Families, Not Just Teams

Hiring a good team is challenging, especially in tech: the high demand for the limited pool of developers requires a different approach and new attitude towards attracting the right people. Chad Marais from The Gemini Solution has doubled-down on both a hiring process and an office culture (with a useful check-list that you can download too!) that together have helped him not only find the right people, but keep them too.

How The Gemini Solution Engages Clients for Better Software Development

Chad Marais, Co-founder and MD at The Gemini Solution, is challenging how tech companies treat client relationships. Here's his approach to building them.

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What we do

We write software that runs international insurance, property portfolio management, fast food industries and local NGO initiatives.

The company is split into different teams, supporting specific clients, unified through our culture and passion to make work exciting.

Why Work For Us

Ask any of the people that work at Gemini and they all say the same thing. We are a team and company that has "Gees". Most of the teams have worked together for over a decade, and have worked hard to created an open environment where each person who joins us is, and wants to be, part of the family.

We don't care about bums in seats. When you join Gemini you're joining our family not our bottom line. We praat k@k, we work hard, and are all responsible for ourselves - confident that we all have each others backs. We want you to have the freedom, and responsibility, to be yourself, only, better.

Our Engineering Processes

We are meticoulisous about the clients we take on as well as their tech stacks. Our focus is on proven technologies, implemented through scrum and agile methodologies.

In joining our teams you will become a domain specialist, serving our clients. That doesn't mean we stifle your creativity or inovation but rather encourage anyone in our team to play with moonlighting ventures or side projects that can be brought into the Gemimi guild. If its fun and makes sense, we want to be a part of it.

Our Hiring Process

The process starts out chatting with Chad, our director - we want to make sure you think like us.

Next we want to see that you're a thinker. A "test" will follow, but we dont believe in testing - so instead we've created a brain teaser, which we'll ask you to do at home, in your own time.

If you're as clever as we think you are, the next step will be for you to meet the client - we want to make sure that everyone plays nicely together. This is also the toughest part of the interview as most of our clients are quite traditional in the way that they interview - so expect a few basic techincal questions at this point from a panel on their side.

Pending your survivial of the above ordeal, you should find an offer in your mailbox within 24 hours.

Awesome People
Office Nerf Guns
Free Paintballl Gun on starting
Casual Dress Code
World class barista onsite
Company bar ( Steri Stumpie or Whisky, anyone?)
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon EC2
Microsoft Azure

Business Tools

Google Apps
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Occassional Staff Lunches
Lunch time FIFA Challenges
Staff Weddings
Track Day Social
Paintball Social
Foosball Challenges
More Paintball
Team outings

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