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1-2 Paris Garden, South Bank, London SE1 8ND, UK; we have entities is various countries, such as Portugal, Spain, Amsterdam, Germany, South Africa, Iceland, Hungary, etc.

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What we do

We exist to serve local businesses. Our mission is to make the small guy feel big. In this case, we are referring to small merchants. We want to offer the most functional, cost effective, beautiful set of software (and hardware) to enable any small merchant anywhere to accept payments and run their business with ease.

Local businesses play a vital role in our economy and community. Making up more than 99% of European businesses and 67% of European jobs, they're at the heart of everything we do. Every time we spend money at a local business, we’re bringing an entrepreneur’s ambition closer to reality and contributing to the growth of a community. As a society, we take for granted how much impact these businesses have on the livelihoods of our communities, and they deserve better.

Fundamentally, the current payment service model is broken. Today, local businesses spend lots of time adapting to the growing needs of their customers, but the solutions available to address their needs are overwhelmingly focused on helping those who command the biggest budget. When it comes to accepting payments, complex pricing structures, hidden fees, and long contracts make it very difficult for small businesses to operate day-to-day.

Why work for us

We are founded by high net worth individuals (not VC's or heartless PE funds or corporates) with a passion for this vision and the company we are creating. The skill level and experience of the current core team is immense. We have all done something similar before, but not like this, and not with this level of tactical hindsight and funding. We are going to be a force to be reckoned with. Some of our perks/ benefits include:

  • We trust you, so we offer flexible working hours, as long it suits both you and your team;

  • 25 days of Annual leave (+ national public holidays);

  • Frequent team events & activities in the office and outside;

  • Possibility to travel to different offices around Europe;

  • You'll get a competitive salary and you will join the Universal Teya Stock Option Plan (USSOP) from your first day. The USSOP gives all employees the chance to be actual company owners;

  • Friendly, comfortable and informal office environment;

  • We want to have the best people by our side, so we can help you to relocate to a different country, and we can sponsor visas;

  • Access to O’Reilly content for training; learning initiatives in-house and external conferences, etc.; and course sponsorships

Our culture

Startup, flat structure. Identify the need, take ownership of it, and execute it.

Teya is a place for people who can challenge the status quo. People who believe they can make a difference in the world by participating in a business model designed to create a more balanced and fair market. More than experience, we believe in potential and that a human's learning ability is limitless. As long as you have the right mindset, can live by our values and that you genuinely want to learn and develop your skills and knowledge, then we have the career challenge you've been looking for right here. We pledge to put our people first, and above everything else, to create a challenging opportunity that will foster personal growth.

We're citizens of the world - Teya is an open and safe space for everyone, regardless of their story.

Be in standup. The rest of your day is yours.
Opportunity travel to different offices around Europe.
25 days annual leave.
Paid-for O'Reilly account.
Learning budgets which makes accessing to any course, conference, etc. easy.
We want to have the best people by our side, so we can help you to relocate to a different country, and we can sponsor VISAs.
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Spring Framework
.Net Core 2.0
React Native
.NET Core


Android Studio


Amazon Route 53
Amazon SES

Business Tools

Microsoft Teams