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2 Silverhurst Way, Wynberg, Cape Town, 7800

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What we do

Terra Ignota comprises a team of highly experienced IT professionals. With over 60 year’s combined experience, we advise established businesses and tech startups on how to diversify with new IT products and services and how best to make use of their existing IT assets.

Terra Ignota offer a range of services for SME businesses and technology startups:
* Strategy and Consulting - assistance finding venture capital, mentorship for startup businesses, IT strategy, management consulting and project management, Cloud migration strategy

  • Software Architecture and Development - Offshore development, outsourced development, architectural review and design, UX/UI design.

  • Regulatory Compliance and IT Security - Security review, compliance review (POPI, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, GDPR), penetration testing and vulnerability assessment.

Why Work For Us

We take pride in our ability to help entrepreneurs and businesses bring dynamic new ideas to market. If you are interested in working with creative, flexible thinkers with a keen eye for practical problem solving and a no nonsense approach to transforming ideas into sustainable businesses, then Terra Ignota is the place for you.

Our Culture

We are pragmatic, flexible thinkers, always using our skills to explore new business ideas and help our clients to think creatively in the technology space. We value people and we value ideas. We are entrepreneurial by nature and our culture is one of inclusion, creativity and practical problem solving.

Our Engineering Processes

To bring new products to market we encourage minimum viable products that are tested in the market and incrementally built using continuous integration and agile development processes. Engineers are expected to work closely with customers throughout the process, to reduce rework, to add value and to guide the customer towards the best solution possible to meet their needs.

Our Hiring Process

Our hiring process involves assessing a candidates aptitude in technical, team and customer interactions, as well as assessing their experiences and reactions to complex problems and elevated levels of uncertainty when asked to make decisions. Typically there are two or three interviews prior to hire. A screening interview, a technical interview and in some circumstances a client interview.

Remote Working
No Dress Code
Global Clients
Potential for Travel
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Microsoft sql server
.Net Core 2.0

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