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Carpe Diem, Block C 24 Quantum Street Techno Park Stellenbosch 7600

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What we do

We are a small start up currently developing a webservice to help retails store preform a large number of managment tasks. Some of founding members and investors are involved in the target industry and noted a large gab in the market.

Since 2020 we started experimenting and in 2022 we began the current project which has been rapidly been gaining momentum since. Curently we have our heads down and are flying just under the raidar, preparing our Beta release. A number of retailers have been invited to join on our Alpha and have provided extreamly positive feedback.

Why Work For Us

The product we are developing is new and exciting, there currently are not many tailored services like it and the future holds plenty more room for creativity, inivation, and problem solving.

We are a start up with a proven concept, a relativly captive market, and a supportive and invested early client base.

We are soon to reach profitability. Which ,we belive, is rather impressive for a company offically started in 2022.

Unlike many start ups we are self funded and so only answer to ourselves.

Offices in Techno Park, Stellenbosch
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