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4th floor, 23 Melrose Boulevard, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg

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TecEx is on a mission to build a world-class tech team through OfferZen.

TecEx is committed to drive growth and innovation in the tech community.

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TecEx is looking for brilliant and enthusiastic software technology professionals to join our fast-growing team. We offer an Importer of Record service to companies across the globe, assisting them to streamline their global distribution. We are evolving and improving our cloud technologies stack in order to support the sustained and aggressive growth of our business. If working with smart like-minded people and building new systems with the latest technologies sounds like a fun gig, then engage with our champion HR team and we’ll see if you make the grade.

What we do

TecEx provides Importer of record services (this is a specific aspect of customs clearance) to Tech companies across the supply chain, including some household names. Through our service offering, we facilitate the distribution of their IT equipment to over 200 destinations without the risks and costs routinely associated with global distribution.

Our growing staff, over 90% of whom are under 40, are dedicated to making international trade accessible to those in the Tech space.

Why Work For Us

Firstly, we are global and the company is on an exponential growth curve. The systems we build and operate have to be engineered accordingly. This level of complexity should appeal to you.

Second, we are interested in your ideas and we want to give you the space to prove them. We embrace a spirit of re-invention and continuous improvement. The opportunity to work with a minimum of red tape in an environment where you take responsibility for your successes (and your failures), should excite you.

Third, we reward - generously - our top performing team players who make a difference.

Finally, we don't tolerate "lousy human" type behaviours. We support and encourage every team member, and you sink or swim on your ability and your contribution. Not on your politics.

Our Culture

Enthusiasm, Brilliance, Hard Work, and a bit of chaos sometimes!

At TecEx, we encourage hard work, and regular coffee breaks evened out with the occasional Ping Pong tournament. Our staff have the freedom to explore their full potential and are accountable for their results. By actively encouraging our team to think outside the box and creating an environment where everyone has a chance to stand out, we have managed to produce cutting-edge technologies that everyone can be proud of.

We're a young company (< 10 years) and a young team with great aspirations for delivering best-in-the-world import clearing and logistics services. To achieve this, we need some best-in-the-world thinking and implementation on the technology back-end.

Perks include:

  • great location with comfortable offices, secure underground parking and the Gautrain bus drives right past our lobby
  • young, energetic environment without any hang-ups on dress code (within reason!)
  • engaged office culture, where we understand that people and ideas thrive when physically co-located
  • opportunity for growth and generous reward

Our Engineering Processes

We have teams which are dedicated to research and investigation of the global logistics landscape, tax models, algorithms, and then the user interfaces we need to create an optimal experience for both external and internal users.

These teams engage with our analysts and system engineers who ensure proper scoping and understanding of technicalities.

This then goes to specialist development teams to realise the functionality required in our different stacks, including:

  • Salesforce
  • Web App (Angular and React)
  • Mobile (Android and Apple)
  • AWS (Lambdas, MongoDB, etc)

Running in parallel we have:

  • Enterprise IT, Governance, Security, and Support Desk operations
  • The Algorithms development team
  • DevOps and Testing (Automated and Exploratory)
  • Training and Change Management

Then there are large teams for Sales, Finance and the core Service Teams for running shipments for our clients.

We run an aggressive high cadence mix of Scrum and Kanban.

Our Hiring Process

We will ask for a copy of your full academic record, together with your CV. Academics are important to us.

We like all our applicants to present themselves in a one-way video interview against some straight-forward questions and also to provide a written response on an online form. Verbal and written communication skills are important to us.

If we like what you present us with, this will be followed by person-to-person interviews, both online, and in-the-flesh at our offices in Johannesburg (if possible).

We may ask you to take one or more numeracy / literacy / psychometric tests, complete a short technical assignment to demonstrate your capability and we may do reference checks.

The benefit of this thorough approach is that you get to join a company full of Stars!

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Amazon VPC
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Google Cloud Platform
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