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Our Story

In March 2011, Evan had a problem. He assumed he could complete his own tax return with confidence and ease. He was wrong. After hours of stress and frustration, he setup a meeting with his friend Marc. Marc knew all about tax and made the process quick and easy. Evan thought "What if I could put Marc's brain in a machine, then put it online, so that everyone could have their very own affordable tax man to help them?"

With initial seed funding from Google and some hard work, the two created TaxTim.

Why Work For Us

We're solving an important problem that affects anyone who works and earns an income. Tax is a bitch. It has to be done, it's stressful, complicated and easy to mess up, costing you a LOT of money. Our solution is unique - we have built a completely scalable, digital tax assistant that provides personalised step-by-step service like a human expert would, but with no human beings involved - it's all automated. In 5 years our team of seven has helped over 3 million people. We love automation and we love helping people finish something they hate.

TurboTax in the US made $1.4 billion from a similar product in 2013. We are aiming for similar success in the African market. Come along for the ride?

Our Culture

We are proud Capetonians and our proximity to the mountain, our casual dress and relaxed vibe reflect it (like fully bru). Our focus is to get work done, so however you do it on whatever schedule is up to you. We are fond of cake - luckily there are two proficient bakers in the company, otherwise Fruit & Veg City is just across the road. Our philosophy is that we do our best every day, enjoy our work, breathe, smile and try to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. Staying strong and contented matters more than hitting milestones, KPIs and numerical targets.

Our Engineering Processes

Right now we have two developers - our CTO and co-founder Evan and senior dev John. Evan has been coding for over 20 years (since he was 11), but he's a bit of a hack really. He still uses Notepad++ as his IDE, SVN for backups and FileZilla for SFTPing to the live server. Luckily he joined the real world in 2017 when John arrived, bringing enlightenment. John is a leading-edge dev, highly knowledgeable in PHP best practices, design patterns, OOP, KISS, GRASP, DRY and other acronyms. Tip: Impress us with your framework knowledge then subtly mention how a component you created from scratch has been forked over 1,000 times. BOOM.

Our Hiring Process

  1. Review CV
  2. Find out why you are a programmer, what excellent things have you built
  3. Ask you to do a custom coding challenge
  4. Meet you and see if you laugh at our jokes, and if you make jokes that we find funny
  5. Call your references
  6. Hire you
Great professional challenge - making tax easy!
Early Fridays!
Great start-up experience, be part of something new
Dev team of 2 - you own your projects
Work in beautiful Cape Town
Flexy time, work when you want
Rock up in shorts, slops, slouch on our couch
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon s3
Amazon S3
Amazon ec2
Amazon EC2
Java script




Amazon route 53
Amazon Route 53
Amazon ses
Amazon SES
Google analytics
Google Analytics

Business Tools

Us hiding behind cushions, just for laughs
Us having a pretend meeting, just so you can see we have whiteboards to draw on.
Tax Expert Nicci
Chatting on the balcony with a view of Fruit and Veg City
I don't normally sit on a ball hovering in empty space with no desk, but hey, it made for a great pic :)
Our logo on a wall, just so you know we're a real company
Marketing Wizard Vee
Christmas lunch after an amusing round of Hint Hunt!
Marc and Evan as featured guests telling tales of tax at Startup GRIND in Sept 2016.

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