SYNAQ / IGNITE Building, The Crescent Office Park, 3 Eglin Road, Sunninghill, Sandton, Gauteng.

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What we do

SYNAQ was founded in 2004 and launched South Africa's first true multi-tenanted Cloud based Email Security platform. This was before the Cloud was "the Cloud". Today we are an Email Service Provider, hosting over 650,000 mailboxes on our platform, as well as securely scanning emails for SPAM, Phishing and Malware, for well over 1,000,000 mailboxes.
We also provide email branding and email archiving services to SME's and Enterprises.

We operate in the ISP, Enterprise and SME space and continue to look to increase our service delivery footprint in the Southern African regions and beyond.

Why Work For Us

At SYNAQ, the core and heart of our existence is to inspire our clients to see what is possible when the world of business and technology are more open. We look for opportunities to innovate and develop world class services that are unique to the South African marketplace.

We are passionate about delivering our services with an incredible customer experience. This customer focus and our flexible business approach underpins our rocking customers and Inspiring Possibilities mottos.

This extends to our employees who are encouraged to use their creativity and skills to bring the best possible experience to our clients through technology and great software. SYNAQ is a place where your ideas matter and you will definitely have the chance to bring them to fruition.

We measure ourselves by the values set out below to ensure we make a difference to our clients, partners and community and staff:

  • Deliver a rocking impression through service: we believe that rocking service is about going beyond the norm and making a positive emotional impact on our customers through our service

  • Small things matter:
    because they contribute to the overall SYNAQ experience and performance.

  • Make a difference:
    we encourage our team to contribute to the lives of the community with a focus on positive improvement and impact

  • Lead by example:
    we are encouraged to take ownership of our behaviour, challenges and inspire our colleagues, clients and community to be better

  • Try new things: as a growing company, change is our constant and something we embrace. By welcoming the unknown we encourage our team to try the unconventional, push themselves beyond the tested and strive for "newness"

  • Celebrate your inner geek: we identify our passions and uniqueness and, strive to become experts in areas beyond the business requirements

  • Do more with less: we are fully committed to maximising our resources and to use them in smarter ways

  • Always do your best: we put our best effort into everything we do and constantly challenge our best to ensure we continue to grow in all areas of SYNAQ

Our Culture

SYNAQ's has a work-hard/play-hard culture. We are relaxed at the office and have been known to host pretty awesome Friday afternoon Beer and Pizza sessions.

Our Engineering Processes

Our engineering process is co-creative, TDD driven, and coupled with Kanban style pull workflow. We constantly measure ourselves and in our weekly retros continuously strive to improve our craft and capabilities.

Our Hiring Process

We have 3 phases:
1. Telephone Screening
2. Tech interview and Live assessment (either a TDD Code Kata, Refactoring Kata or written assessment)
3. Interview with the MD.

We normally like to do this over 2-3 business days.

Flexi time.
Remote work!
Pool Table.
Table Tennis!
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