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Unit 12 (2nd Floor Block A), Corner Main Office Park, 2 Payne Road, Bryanston, 2191

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Who we are:

Switch Telecom is an innovative and tech-savvy telecom’s company that brings business and consumers the latest telecoms technology at an affordable price. We provide a suite of telecommunication services complemented with simple-to-use and beneficial value-added services that enhance the service offering and experience.
Switch Telecom offers competitive call rates without compromising the premium quality service. Our calls are routed via direct interconnect facilities, which ensure the premium call quality. Our services cater to the Consumer, Business and Wholesale markets and we also enable Resellers with our easily-accessible portal. Our IECNS and IECS licenses were granted by ICASA in 2009 giving us a broad capability to deliver telecommunications and electronic communication services to our customers.

What we do:

Our focused team of dynamic telecoms experts ensure that we deliver premium quality services and that is why we believe that we are the partner of choice for all our customers’ telecom advice and needs. We are committed to helping our customers find the best solution, selecting and installing it, as well as supporting the solution once it’s up and running. With the introduction of a number of technologically advanced and innovative systems, we are able to support our internal staff as well as allow our customers the ability to focus on their core business without having to be concerned about telecom efficiency, effectiveness, and cost. We bring advanced telecoms technology through our range of services and products.

Our Culture

We believe in the power of collaboration. Every member of our team is encouraged to contribute to the direction of the company.

Switch Telecom is an extremely customer-centric organization; we believe the customer is King albeit not always right. Our team is passionate and hardworking. Although our customer-facing staff work in a high pressured environment our development team refer to our culture as relaxed. We encourage our Development team to view their customer-facing colleagues as their clients by ensuring that the systems we design and develop make support easier, more efficient and quicker.

We are constantly developing new and exciting systems to delight both internally and externally.

Why Work For Us

All members of staff partake in external training in order to keep their skills up to date. We encourage our technical team and developers to play with new technologies. Our team constantly drive ideas and products. We are a team of professionals that encourage collaboration and efficiency. Additionally, we continue to grow our customer base by 30 percent year on year. Furthermore, our cutting-edge systems are available to everyone in the organisation in order for each member to achieve their required outputs. Another key point, our solutions are rock solid which makes them easy to support.

Our Engineering Processes

The telecommunications environment is very fasted pace so we try to set projects on a monthly basis for each of the developers in the team depending on the requirements of the business and our customers, both internal and external. Our Development Team's main focus is efficiency, that is why the team members leverage off each other’s experience and code in order to streamline and complete each project without repeating work and effort. We try to build end to end product capabilities into every member of the team.

Our Interview Processes

Our entire team currently works fully remote. All interviews are conducted remotely.

  1. At-home tech assessment
  2. At-home tech assessment
  3. Meeting with tech lead
  4. Psychometrics test
  5. We make an offer.
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