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About us

InfoBridge is an internationally oriented independent software development company and service provider that offers SaaS solutions, on-premises solutions, custom-made software and support services for leading business applications such as Synchronizer and DataBridge. Since 2003 we have evolved from developing custom integrations and add-ons for SuperOffice CRM and VISMA to building large and scalable SaaS solutions created and maintained by a small team of developers and (DevOps) engineers.

Besides all that serious stuff we are a fun, creative and independent team of 12 employees and our success is mainly determined by their enthusiasm and inventiveness. So because we like to keep our employees enthusiastic and inventive our focus lies more on the results than on the time span in which you can realize your ideas. This way you are not only investing in the company by developing products, but also in your own future by developing yourself! And if needed we are willing to invest even more in your future with education or coaching.

Our hiring process

This is what you can expect when interviewing with us.

Our interview process has the following stages:

1) Initial 15 minute screening call

2) In-office meet and greet, followed by two sets of tests (technical assessment)

3) Final meeting to extend offer, if all goes well

A bit more about the technical assessment:

  • Pair programming exercise to assess technical skills
  • Unit testing to demonstrate critical thinking

During the process, you are likely to meet the following members of our team:

In the first stage of the process, you'll meet our R&D Manager, Marcel as well as our CEO or engineering team lead. As the hiring process progresses, you'll be invited to our cosy office to meet the rest of the team.

What will they be looking for?

Technical skills and cultural fit. We're big on team work!

How to make a good first impression:

Demonstrate genuine interest in our company and mission. We're a small, but dedicated team of individuals working towards a goal. Being a team player is a must.

How long does our interview process usually take, from first call to offer stage?

This depends on availability. If we feel there's a perfect fit, the process can go quickly.

If you need any additional information on our interview process, please reach out to us directly.

Alternatively, please take a look at our careers page to get to know us better.

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