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54 Melrose Boulevard | 2nd Floor Melrose Arch 2196 Johannesburg South Africa

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What we do

Stream originally started as a tech-orientated logistics provider helping companies with international shipping. We have over the last 4 years evolved and launched a few different offerings for our clients.

  • Stream: Your outsourced logistics team, helping you with all your international shipping needs. Including the less obvious and more complicated customs clearance, Import VAT reclaim, and tax compliance services as well (https://vatitstream.com/)
  • Source X: Helping companies source items from overseas. (https://sourcex.co.za/)
  • Airpool: Helping smaller South African companies import from China by providing a hub in China where we can consolidate your shipments and reduce the costs and number of international shipments. (https://airpool.co.za/)

Our Culture

The culture is extremely important to us and the bond we build with each other impacts us considerably in our day-to-day lives. The amount of time you spend with your work colleagues is significant and we wish to enjoy our time at work. We enjoy seeing everyone at work and want to keep enjoying going to work.
We see the team as a sports team (rather than the classical family analogy) with all members required to be good at what they do (rather than being stuck with a family member) and the bonds and friendships we build between each other are extremely strong.

We are a small company owned by a larger company. So we have the perks of being small, everyone knowing each other, and the perks of having cool offices in Melrose arch :)

As in any small company you are required to wear many hats and be involved in all aspects of the business. The hierarchy is flat and we want all employees to take responsibility and ownership of problems or new opportunities. Especially in the tech team which assists all the other teams, you will need to work with finance, ops, and sales to assist them and get feedback on how to improve the system and ultimately their workflow.

Tech stack

The tech is intentionally kept quite simple, allowing new developers to onboard more efficiently and assist existing developers to really sharpen their toolset rather than constantly jumping between different languages and frameworks while working.

The tech stack is:

  • RUBY
  • NUXT

Hosting is managed on AWS and Netlify

The tech stack is there to be informative rather than exclusionary, so little or no experience in any of these is not a deal-breaker and should not dissuade any candidates from applying.

Annual trip to RubyFuza
Active voice in direction of company
No dress code
Broad exposure to all parts of business
Subsidised lunch cart
Glorious company events
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon Web Services



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